#netflixstreamteam March Viewing

Hubbie has been enjoying so many shows on
Netflix this month so I decided to hand things over to him for the March round

“One show that has really
hit a cord with me this month was Making a Murderer, I have written about it over on my own blog Hubby Helps, I could not get enough of
the show, I literally watched each episode back to back! I did not realise prior to
watching that it was a real life documentary style series, believe me
it is certainly a worthy watch this month! From the first episode you are
drawn in to his tragic sounding story and apparent miscarriages of justice that
are unveiled.

Currently we are both now enjoying Daredevil, it’s a great
show based on the Marvel character. 
This month saw the release of its second series. The show has had some really dark moments
but some other moments are hilarious for unexplainable reasons (mainly the
undateable Fisk), if you haven’t had a chance to watch series one I would
strongly suggest catching up, especially if you enjoy other Marvel

Another of our shows we enjoy together is Once Upon A Time,
now in its fifth series the storyline is still going strong, the series based
around storybook characters has found great ways to link in each
character to enhance the main plot line, this is certainly one you can
Netflix and chill to (although I wish the wife would stop day dreaming
about Hook!).

Better Call Saul came back to Netflix, series two seems to
be very slow to get going which is a bit of a shame as I hoped the series would
be giving a bit more wow factor, don’t get me wrong I am still really
enjoying it learning more about Saul’s back story, but it does not have the
same momentum of series one so far. Mind you I am sure it will be worth the wait.

One surprise watch
for me this month is Hells Kitchen, I have blasted my way through series 11
(there is 11, 12 and 13 available on Netflix currently), although a lot of it
must be scripted there are some funny kitchen moments made so much funnier by
Gordon Ramsey shouting and
swearing at the contestants, not one for the faint hearted!”

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