Num Noms Launch #RecipeForMischief

My boys love little collectable toys we have had more than
our fair share of Moshi’s residing with us in our time, so when an opportunity
came to review some Num Noms ahead of the official launch on the 28th I thought why not. Yes they are probably more pitched for girls
the characters are cutesy and most of them have ribbon detail in their hair but
I thought they would like seeing what they were about anyway. Plus some of the figures have boy names like
Billy Banana so why shouldn’t they get a chance to see what all the fuss was

#RecipeForMischief #numnoms have arrived ahead of the official launch on the 28th cute collectable scented toys x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Mar 21, 2016 at 11:42am PDT

I was right they love that they are scented a complete
novelty compared to all the other collectibles we have ever had before! They have enjoyed stacking them to make
their own “flavour” ice cream. Ideally
you pick a Num to compliment a Nom, but ours just added them all to the pile
for one epic flavoursome sundae!

#recipeformischief #numnoms stacking fun x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Mar 26, 2016 at 5:52am PDT

We had a cup but you can get cones too as you build up your
collection. Some of the scents are
quite strong (vanilla was whilst others much more subtle like the lemon). The boys have seen some more characters they
would like based on the scents (Bailey Bubblegum and Cherry Chip). Pinkie lemonade smelt divine, of strawberry
lemonade so I would recommend that one personally!

There was one num nom (the go-go!) that could move around
when you pushed the button on top and that was an instant hit! Anything vehicle like goes down well here
and of course the lip-gloss that came too (gloss-up) was very well received. I think these feel like better value for
money with the extra details, collectibles have never been so much fun!

The packaging was appealing; the mystery pots especially
look like little ice cream tubs. These
would make lovely gifts for birthdays and parties.

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