Pokkén Tournament Review

first duty as a new member of the Nintendo Family Bloggers team was to put Pokken Tournament launched on
the 18th of March through its paces. The boys eagerly sat down and started up the game, they already
like Pokémon so I thought
we would be on to a good thing here and I was right.

The boys are in their element reviewing the new Wii U #pokkentournament http://www.pokkentournament.com/en-gb/ #pokemon #nintendoukfamilyblogger x A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Mar 20, 2016 at 2:20am PDT

I did not account for hubbie getting quite so hooked on the game, the boys
rather reluctantly added him into the turn taking circle. Fortunately mummy just watches (and takes
notes!) so they get more game time between them. The game reminded me of the arcade style
play I enjoyed as a child and I thought it was very effective; it certainly
captured the interest of the boys as they were completely engrossed in the fast
paced action.

You fight in numerous championships leveling up your chosen
fighter in the process, the boys enjoyed seeing the impressive special moves
and trying to score higher points for offense, defense, technique and bonus than each other.

You have a little in fight helper that can prove quite handy; the Support
Pokémon can attack the other player, disrupt their attack or give you a
valuable buff to help in the fight. The
boys liked this feature, as it was something extra to look out for when the
fight was going on. They just picked
out characters based on how cute they looked but it’s worth thinking which one
will most compliment your chosen fighter.

You can play in the practise area against a dummy that helps you
learn how to do all your moves, handy for players that want to learn what to do
without getting attacked in the process! 
But to be honest the boys just wanted to get stuck in against the proper

It’s worth seeing what style your opponent has and coming up with
an attack to counter it. The boys liked
seeing perfect come up on the screen when they manage to combine their moves
effectively for the most damage! They were
excited seeing the Synergy Gauge fill so they could turn
into a more impressive version of themselves! 
Machamp made us giggle flexing his muscles, some of the fighters are
quite entertaining.

you progress through the game you can unlock more support Pokémon and be
awarded money to spend on new clothes or effects for your trainer.

would definitely recommend this game, based on the experiences of my 7 and 8 year old
boys and their 34-year-old daddy! The graphics
are great and the game play challenging.

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