Summer Footwear

I live in trainers but a part of me yearns to be more
glamorous and have something more impressive on my feet. The trainers are practical of course as I
chase after the boys as they scoot off into the far distance but they hardly
help improve my overall appearance. My
existing footwear consists of those infamous trainers, my trusty boots and a
tired pair of sandals – I did have slippers too but the dog chewed them!

I was browsing some of the trends on Brantano and the
Great Escape theme definitely appealed. 
I think the idea of getting away somewhere sunny is quite attractive (we
have had lots of rain and hailstones up until today!) and I would love to invest
in stylish shoes to suit the warmer climate I crave.

do have a holiday overseas on the horizon so if I plan to fit in at the lovely
resort I need something that will help me feel more confident. I have picked out a couple of my favourite
shoes from the site that are perfect for the summer. I can just imagine hubbie and I having a
romantic sunset stroll with me wearing either of these flattering heels.

Luca X Red Love Lazing High Heels Peep Toes (beige)

These are very pretty feminine shoes,
very reasonable for £30. They would add
some much needed sophistication to my summer outfits.

Luca X Red Katie High Heels Court Shoes (beige/navy)

I love the contrast it makes the shoes
stand out and be noticed, they are elegant but modern, a steal for £26.

I think having these trends on the
Brantano site helps make it easier finding shoes for a particular
occasion. I do not particularly enjoy shoe
shopping; I get overwhelmed if there is too much choice. 
But having a smaller selection that meet a trend I would like to follow
make it easier for me to pick something suitable. I just might have to buy the Emilio Luca X Red Love Lazing High
Heels Peep Toes in blue too, when you find a shoe you like it makes sense to get it in as many colours as you can!!!

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