The Worry Eater Came to Stay

When one of these toys arrived in
the Missing Sleep household there was a bit of a squabble over who would claim
it from the two boys. Both of them
liked the look of it and the concept, they were debating who had the most worries
and needed it more!

A #worryeater has come to live with us, such a clever idea your child can get it to eat their #worries #sorgenfresser #anxiety x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Mar 23, 2016 at 10:48am PDT

I will buy another at some point,
because I do love the idea behind it and they are not that expensive to buy
(the one we were sent was RRP £12.50). 
It’s good to see what could be bothering your child, children are not
always openly communicative about their worries so having a toy they can get to
eat them is an effective way for you to see what is bothering them at the

The plush toys are quirky and fun
in their own right, but its what you can use them to do that makes them
worthwhile buying. As the boys get
older their worries might change so I am glad I have a way to start to learn
more and be able to provide appropriate support and guidance depending on their

My youngest wrote down that he
was scared of the dark and scared of spiders.

He then quite happily added those
worries into the Worry Eater mouth.

Since then he has said he is not
as scared of the dark because his new friend has taken away some of the
problem. You can either leave the
worries in there or perhaps take them out when your child is sleeping, so you
can say they do not need to worry anymore as the worries have disappeared! Whatever works best for you and your child,
but for us the main thing is being able to have a way of seeing what concerns

Once you have seen those worries you are better
positioned to know what you could do to help. 
Sadly some children have bigger issues like bullying, they might
withdraw into themselves and not discuss it with you, so hopefully the Worry
Eater can sort that out by always keeping you informed with how your child is

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