Time to Read with #MyDisneyLife #WorldBookDay

better time to celebrate the love of reading to your child than World Book Day. We have lots of books at home but it’s always lovely to have
access to new reading material to keep the boys interest captured. There is
nothing quite like snuggling in with your child at the end of a busy day,
getting lost in a good adventure and enjoying that precious time reading

For the boys a book is an important part of their
bedtime routine, since they were very little it has signalled to them that
sleep is drawing near. It now acts as a natural cue that it’s almost time
to close their eyes and go off to the land of nod. We have been seeing
what DisneyLife offered
in terms of books and the comprehensive selection has seen the boys more eager
than usual to get tucked up in bed just to see what book they can have next.

A delightful tale before bed really helps calm
children, the soothing voice of a reading parent and the quieter environment
means even those who normally fight bedtime find it hard to resist. The luxury with some of the DisneyLife books is that
you can use the read along option if needed. For example if you have more
than one child to get ready for bed, you can set them off one with a story to
continue getting the other child ready. The word for word narration
cleverly highlights each word in red so that children can be assisted with
learning to read whilst unwinding with a charming story and it certainly makes
it easier juggling multiple children at bedtime!

There is an enchanting range of books and it’s easy
to find one by topic like monsters (only friendly ones of course!) or pretty
princesses or instead looking for a particular character your child
admires. The books range in difficulty with material for preschoolers,
easy readers and those who are more confident and prefer a novel before
bed. I have liked introducing my boys to the classic Disney stories that
I loved as a child and they have also been drawn to more recent characters like
Phineas & Ferb and the Incredibles.

Here eldest is enjoying another DisneyLife bedtime
story, ending the day with a positive moment. My children will
hopefully look back fondly at all that quality time we spent together, I for
one cherish it.

The new Time to Read feature means its simple to find a book most suited to your child’s reading level. Progression through the stages is very clear and your child can become more competent at a speed they are comfortable with, staying with a particular level until they feel ready to proceed. If they need encouragement or are reluctant readers starting with an easier book may help them gain confidence as they realise they can manage that and want to learn more.

were gifted with a six-month subscription in exchange for our thoughts.

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  1. Seems like a great way to get younger kids into reading. Mine really loves using the tablet or Kindle for their reading, so a good app with a wide selection is great to have.

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