Tips to keep the kids entertained in the Bank Holidays

Usually when I have extra time to keep the boys occupied I
try and head off on some day trips, visiting various attractions in the
locality or further a field or maybe stopping off at the cinema to watch the
latest film. I do not always pay much
attention to how much I am spending, as I just want the boys creating some
wonderful memories whilst they are little, like llama trekking or quad biking.

But this holiday we are feeling
the pinch and I have been requested by hubbie to keep them amused on a
budget! To be honest I am a little
nervous by this, usually I have free rein to plan the holiday entertainment
schedule as I see fit, and so it’s back to the drawing board.

We have enjoyed geocaching
in the past so I will be reintroducing that activity, for the cost of a picnic
(you have to feed them anyway!) you can tire them out and get caught up in the
excitement trying to locate cache boxes and find what’s hidden inside. We raided through their toy drawers and
found an assortment of little cars and playmobil figures just the right size to
leave something behind. If your
planning on taking something its only nice to leave something in its place for
the next finder.

I have been looking at the bank holiday deals over on Tesco to see if I can pick up any products for a fraction of the
cost. They have 2 for £15 on selected
DVD’s so that works out more affordable than the cinema. Last time we went it worked out at £24.92
for a family ticket so that’s a good saving to start off with. But even better see if the library has any
titles you can rent, usually it only costs a couple of pounds to hire a film
for a week or if you have friends with films see if you can borrow one without
spending anything!

Have a look what free activities
are on in your area, a quick online search will surprise you. I found a list of activities
for free in North Wales
, but its simple enough to find events going on
across the UK. Bodafon sounds like a
lovely day out, usually visits to a farm can be costly but this one has
completely free admission and still has plenty to do there. There are also many castle ruins you can
visit in daylight hours for free; my boys enjoy exploring so they would be more
than happy to do that. They might take
their wooden swords and recreate battles. 
Children have such great imaginations and it’s surprising what they will
come up with themselves.

I also saw pictures using coloured
chalk on facebook I would love to re-create with the boys, for example you can add
a flowing cape and a city landscape and your child can look like a superhero
flying over the scene! I am sure we
even have a box of chalks somewhere so cost for that activity will be nothing! I also have some other ideas for baking and making on my website, for the price of a few ingredients its amazing how much fun you can have. The waxy eggs might be good with Easter on the horizon.

Perhaps we won’t have such a problem this holiday
after all.

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