Cleaning Rules

I have a dog which means
flyaway dog hair everywhere BUT it also means we don’t always have to vacuum
after dinner. Usually food falls off
the boys plates, I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s mostly green and vegetable
like – a wayward broccoli so they have one less to eat as it accidentally (on
purpose) makes its way to the floor! The dog looks unimpressed with their lettuce offerings, she would rather one of their chicken nuggets made it her way!

The boys naturally
grumble if they drop something nice and tasty, a chocolate biscuit, a slice of
cake, or their ice cream! But we don’t
tend to pick up dropped food, unless it’s in the wrapper. It’s a question we don’t have to think about
much, as the dog snaffles food up quicker than you have a chance to retrieve
it! Obviously the boys whinge when they
lose a prized bit of food, but usually there is a suitable replacement in the
house that placates them, but not always…

The infographic by made me laugh it is something worth considering if you have a 5
second rule in place. There has been
the rare occasion the boys have dropped something when I have looked at the
condition of the floor and thought about letting it slide, giving them the
option to have it back. For us it
depends it which room, the living room is usually quite clean and tidy so I am
more forgiving but there is no chance in the hallway. the easiest way to book domestic cleaning services online so if you have a habit of dropping delicious treats too
regularly it might be worth getting a cleaner in so you know the floor is safe
and hygienic. I would love my own
cleaner, certain rooms do tend to get slightly neglected, I tend to focus on
the ones I like best (the living room, the boys playroom and their bedrooms!),
the rest needs re-decorating so I don’t feel as inspired to clean. Yes they get a token effort but I am sure a
deep clean is more of what is needed.

five-second rule has had scientific testing; I liked reading the science behind
it in this NHS
I think from now on I will just chuck things straight in the bin. With 20,000 people each year requiring hospital treatment from food related illnesses it’s not worth
the risk really. Reading that statistic
makes me want my own cleaner more, seriously our kitchen could do with a proper
scrub down!!!

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