Family Weekends

The week has gone in a blur I did
not get a chance to write a post about our weekend as a family. I really like doing things at the weekends,
making memories, and enriching the boys experiences. This time we headed to a Model Vehicle Show, it was quite
interesting, the boys especially liked the displays on the main stage with the
vehicles in operation, a digger moving soil, a tank firing at them and heavy
goods vehicles tooting as they manoeuvred round the course.

The rest of the displays were
good to browse, although it’s always tricky with children who want to reach out
and touch everything, as these are rare items very precious to the collectors
so you can see the looks of distress on some of their faces as children come

#modelshow good fun for a couple of hours x

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Afterwards they had a little ride
on a tiny train, which they enjoyed so much they would not leave till they had
got their money’s worth (it was only a donation so I think they definitely had
that!). The people running it were very
kind, we are looking forward to seeing another transport event soon but this
time with bigger vehicles. They had one vintage car at this event and the boys liked that so I think they will appreciate a wider choice next time.

One from the weekend #vintagecar x

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They also had a very good refreshments selection, youngest had a slice of cake studded with custard creams, it looked amazing! Obviously those that are into these model displays also knew how to bake.

We had a friend over that day and when we dropped him back eldest managed to negotiate a sleepover! So he was very excited about that, his friend will be moving soon and he wants to make the most of the time they have left together. It’s a shame when such close friendships get parted when people relocate, but I know these two will keep in touch.

The following day we went to a
nature event, we had a lovely woodland walk and even saw a snake! There was an appetising cake stand and the
boys enjoyed making a wood flower, again we did not spend much and it was an
enjoyable couple of hours.

The best thing about fundraisers #cake stalls! x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Apr 18, 2016 at 12:02am PDT

Plus the
boys have tried something different.

Eldest had his face painted like
a tiger, youngest never likes his face painted but eldest jumps at the chance
every time.

If you go down to the woods today You’d better go in disguise! #ukexplore x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Apr 17, 2016 at 11:04am PDT

The nature event must have had a positive impact on hubbie and the boys as when we got home they set about building a bird box. It actually looks quite good, I will have to take a picture when it has been fitted to the tree, hopefully a bird will make use of it for shelter/nesting.

Now we just need to plan something for this weekend,
on the plus side it seems to be finally brightening up!

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  1. What a fab weekend. We had a lovely day on Sunday with a picnic and some beach time. I agree spending time as a family and making memories is what it is all about for me too

  2. Beautiful displays, I am sure the boys loved them and we did walk into a fundraiser by accident last weekend too, in search of toilets, lol, and were offered cake by the lovely Mad Hatter ladies!

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