Growing Up

Growing up

Now my kids are getting a little older I worry more than ever.  There are so many different things to navigate when growing up.

Becoming more Independent

Eldest wants to venture outside on his own. He wants me to drop him off with his mates so he can roam the streets with them, I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of this!  For one he is completely clueless about crossing the road.  The other day he was talking to someone whilst still walking forward but looking behind and almost walked into a reversing car! Luckily I was there, but if I hadn’t been it could have been a completely different situation.  It really is so stressful letting them have the independence they crave when growing up.

They did do road awareness at school, a curb craft course when they are in year 1, but anything he learnt is a distant memory. Stop, look and listen is more like walk out and hope for the best… He is eight, when is it safe to be without any adult supervision? I guess children all mature at different rates some with a more sensible outlook than others. As much as I try and emphasise the importance of road safety, it goes right over his head!

Owning their first mobile phone

I am not keen for this purchase to happen, if he does start being out without us in the background then I guess it will become a necessity. Least then we can get hold of him when needed to or he could ring me if heaven forbid there was an emergency of some kind.  But if he had one I want to delay the step into social media for a while yet, I miss the simple life before facebook, everyone is too eager to air their dirty laundry or rant at each other. I worry about bullies using it as another way to get at those who are more vulnerable.


Statistically children of parents who don’t smoke are less likely to smoke themselves, so least that’s something we have going in our favour. I really hope though they do not start, but if they did I guess at least they have the option for e-cigarettes now, which don’t sound quite as unhealthy. With the mods from Limitless and different flavours I guess they start to look more attractive. Least that’s hopefully something we don’t have to think about till they are 18.


I am not ready for the talk! I would gladly put my head in the sand, but there will come a time I have to make them aware of the ways of the world and the importance of
staying safe! Fortunately girls are horrible at the moment… so until they take an interest in them I might get off lightly! Although puberty is about 13/14 years old so around then I guess.  I will look on tips for the talk!

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  1. It is a worry when they grow up isn't it!
    I had a chat with my 13 year old about smoking today as I saw one of her friends smoking on the way to school this morning. Grr! I think my girl has more sense though.

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