Hyrule Warriors Legends Release

We were sent a download code to play
Hyrule Warriors Legends on the 3DS after its launch on the 24th of
March; it has so far consumed a fair few of my evenings. As it is a PEGI: 12 I thought it best I see what it was about as
my eldest is only 8 at the moment but I was not expecting to get slightly
hooked in the process.

To be honest I am happy for him to have a go, the mobs are
not scary, just challenging but I have been hogging his 3DS for myself! I am playing it on easy and still finding it
tricky to keep up with all the different missions. If you focus your attentions on one set of enemies others get a
stronger footing elsewhere on the map! 
So you need to move quickly and attack hard.

It helps to have developed your character
fully collecting useful items to upgrade weapons and craft badges, making
your warrior a worthy adversary! Like
an old rag can help make an empty bottle… you know obvious stuff like that!

The enemies come in massive waves but so
far it’s been okay ploughing through them until they bring out the bad
boys! At times I have been tempted to
drop my green tunic and run for the hills, but I have stood my ground and
managed to take the giant bosses down eventually. I really like the combat; the special moves are quite something
and you need each and every one of them for the likes of King Dodongo – sorry the picture was not the best quality but I was mid battle and to be honest it was just a quick snap as I had my work cut out here… I later found out bombs into his mouth is a good idea! When he goes weak give him your all and repeat again and again until you down him.

So far I am on the hunt for Princess Zelda who has gone missing
in battle, but along the way I am meeting up with some new and interesting characters.

It’s a good game for being tactical you
need to deploy your other players using the command screen or quickly swap
between characters before you lose a vital part of the game and have the
de-motivating defeat message pop up! When you
are successful in a mission your men gain morale so fight better for you!

I really like the
fact you get to play as lots of different characters all with their own unique
fighting style, it enriches the story seeing how important each one is in the

I have mainly been playing the Legend Mode but there is also an Adventure Mode which I am still getting my head around. It’s a whole other layer to the game, a similar idea meeting the same foes from the Legend Mode but with the chance to unlock extra items and bonuses. The map is made up of panels and you need to complete a challenge to progress along your chosen route. I need to master this as I want a fairy!

As a rather rusty gamer I would still recommend this game, it has given my evenings some purpose whilst hubbie watches far too much Hell’s Kitchen!

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  1. I've never been into gaming(apart from playing Settlers on good old Amiga :D) and nor are my husband or my daughter. My ex on the other hand was a massive gamer and it annoyed the hell out of me as he couldn't do anything else than play his games all day and night. It really affected our family life too, so I'm glad my husband isn't a gamer as I would hate to be gamer widow. 🙁


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