Lalaloopsy Style N Swap Competition

know lots of little girls who love Lalaloopsy but now these dolls are even more
fun! The new Style N Swap dolls come
with interchangeable outfits so your kids will be happily entertained picking
out what they will wear. Children like
being in control and what better way than customising dolls costumes and
hairstyles however they like. It’s a
creative process that will keep them amused for hours.

range includes the Mini Lalaloopsy™ Style ‘N’ Swap Doll Assortment, SRP £9.99 with 10 removable
pieces you can just imagine the possibilities, especially if you buy a few
different packs to increase your child’s choice of wigs, clothes and shoes.

Each doll has their own individual personality and
accompanying pet and accessory to compliment it. If your child enjoys spending time baking with you then Crumbs
Sugar Cookie™ is an excellent choice, as she likes nothing better than rustling
up some cookies and cakes!

Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff™ is all about the
ice-skating, so if your child enjoys winter and wrapping up warm this doll is
ideal for them.

Peanut Big Top™ is a natural performer, so it’s important to have
costumes that can hide tricks when she takes centre stage and you have artistic
Spot Splatter Splash™ for the most creative of children.

The Mini Lalaloopsy™ Style ‘N’ Swap Multipack, SRP £16.99 provides
you with two dolls and twenty accessories so work out better value than the
individual packs. The Coral Sea Shells™
& Sand E. Starfish™ pack even lets you transform your doll into a mermaid!

Your new dolls would not be complete without a play set to
enjoy. The Mini Lalaloopsy™ Style ‘N’
Swap Playset Assortment, SRP £14.99 come in Cherie Prim ‘N’ Proper™ a hair
salon and Suzette La Sweet™ a fashion boutique, so get pampered and shop till
your drop in these wonderful additions to the collection.

I have a Mini Lalaloopsy™ Style ‘N’ Swap individual doll to give away to one lucky
winner, if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 25th
of May.
Mini Lalaloopsy™ Style ‘N’ Swap individual doll

142 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Style N Swap Competition

  1. my daughter has many large lalaloopsys and she has a couple of little ones,she has seen the mittens fluff and stuff and already hinted on it so these are a lovely collection to start as you can swap them all the time so more fun

  2. I love that this range contains a lot of blue. Most girlie things I buy my daughter don't have much blue in and this set has o,entry. Brilliant! Why can't girlies have more blue? Lol x

  3. We were looking forward to the new range and we are not dissapponted – they are lovely – great too add to my daughter's collection xx Thank you for the up-date xx

  4. Have never heard of these before but they look great! Would make a really nice gift for my friend's little girl

  5. This would be popular with my niece who love lalaloopsy she would love the new swap and style as she loves dressing up 🙂 and would spend hours playing with this 🙂 xx

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