Loony Quest Review & Competition

It was a dull and miserable day the boys were more than a
little wild so we decided to open Loony Quest to see what it was about. I must say once we got our heads around the
lengthy rulebook we were very excited about the game play. It is such a different concept for a game,
very clever and original. It really
captured our attention, when hubbie came home from work the boys were so bubbly
telling him all about the fun they had.

is aimed at children 8+ but my 7 year old was eager to give it a try too.

Basically you have a scene much like those
from a computer game, probably one of the reasons my two were such big fans of
Loony Quest! You have to draw a course
on your transparent screen that would navigate you safely on your mission,
collecting items, avoiding traps and taking out mobs, you then overlay it on
the level sheet and see how well you did! 
You have 30 seconds using the sand timer to do this so it gets a bit

The face that says Oh dear I bumped into a mob when I shouldn’t have.

starting the mission check out the quest box to see what you are expected to do
and how it will be scored, see what traps you need to stay clear of – you can
lose XP by straying into the path of a monster or ending up in a wall. So it pays to draw your route as carefully
as possible. Easier said then done
especially when you have got a penalty point from your last round and you have
to do the next mission with one eye closed, your hand held completely straight
or drawing with your hand shaped like a claw!!! It makes it even more challenging this way, but when you do
achieve your mission it feels incredible. 
Even better if you pick up a bonus token on your way through, then you
can make life harder for your opponent or even get a pleasant surprise of extra

I gave my eldest the Mosquito prank and he was not impressed but still smiled for the camera (naturally as a bloggers child lol!), he had to draw his
route with the token balanced on top of his pen, each time it fell off he had
to quickly put it back on and so as you can imagine he felt the sand timer went
quite fast! It really was a race to get
his route done in time.

really like how you keep score using the inside edge of the box and the
character score token, its so much simpler than trying to keep track of the
scores on separate paper.

were also sent the newly released expansion Loony Quest The Lost City, which
promises a whole new adventure this time with a pirate theme. This is not exactly more of the same but
with different graphics, it actually offers new and intriguing trials to get
caught up in. You have secret passages
to factor in, cursed penalties (meaning you have to pick up 2 penalty tokens!)
and X marks the spot bonus (basically you get to put a small X mark on your
screen as a reference before doing the remainder of your route, I so need to
get my hands on them). On top of all of
that you have the rather impressive 3D pyramid spaceship.

you do not already own these games I would whole-heartedly recommend getting
them! Check out Esdevium Games for more information. I also have a copy of Loony Quest and the expansion The Lost City to giveaway to one lucky winner; if you
would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 28th of

Win Loony Quest & the Lost City Expansion

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