National Pet Month

April sees us celebrate National Pet Month a chance to be
grateful for having a pet whilst still understanding the responsibilities
involved. Our dog is a lovely
companion, always greeting us with a wagging tail and a warm welcome. Her temperament is a lot more reliable than
the grumpy kids! Her needs are simpler,
some affection, exercise and a decent dog chew and she is a cheerful
doggie! Plus if she has been naughty
(and chewed a slipper or a sock!) she has the decency to look sheepish about
it… I just wish she liked other dogs,
but apart from that she is a wonderful addition to our family (even if we are a
few socks shorter than we were before!).

National Pet Month is in its 27th
year, which tells you just how important pets are to us all. Ocean Loans
wanted to gift us some treats for our dog so we did not have to worry about the
cost but still have a chance to really spoil her this special month. So our precious pooch has had lots of gifts
bestowed on her, starting with another antler chew from the Vets (these keep
her going for ages!), they are good because they are 100% natural so more
healthy as nothing unnecessary is added! 
They work out a bit pricier but for how long they last it’s a solid investment
on chew time. The textures are perfect
for dogs and help keep their teeth healthy.

Then we went to Pets At Home and
topped up with some more chew toys. She
loves chewing things, so in the interest of keeping anything material left on
the sofa safe it makes sense to keep her in a regular supply! The other day we came home and the blanket
throw had a big circle of fabric missing… fortunately I can still use it with a
strategically placed cushion!!!

Here she is wondering (and hoping!) if that is a gift for her and urging me to open it soon!!!

My youngest also picked out some treats
to help her joints and her teeth to keep her in tip top condition I think, the
boys really do love their dog.

Remember not to give your dogs any chocolate this
month, I know they might be giving you the soppy eyes over your Easter eggs but
chocolate is toxic for them, so please head to the vets or specialist pet shops
and get something suitable instead, a safer alternative to what your eating.

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