National Tests Getting Closer

It’s getting to that time of year again, when primary
school children sit the National Tests. I had an
email from the school informing me of the date, I get nervous butterflies for
them. I was never a fan of exams; I
found it very hard remembering facts and used to find any excuse to get out of
revising (usually I would have a particularly clean bedroom at that time of

I don’t make them feel nervous
though, I try and do a little preparation in advance, finding some test papers
if I can, to put them at ease, working through what is expected of them. We don’t do much, just a bit to get them in
the right frame of mind to tackle the questions. If you have not sat an exam before it can be a bit daunting.

It will be the very first time
for my youngest, I really feel for them sitting in exam conditions at the
little age of seven (a few in his class will still be six!). It was hard enough from what I remember
having the concentration to sit quietly in secondary school; I wonder how he
will get on next month. I would love to
just be in the room with him to give him an encouraging look, as his brow
furrowed in concentration.

He is good at reading now, but
more English than Welsh, typically they don’t test their English reading
ability this year, which is his stronger subject so that’s a pity. We have had some information saying your
children need a good nights sleep to prepare for the tests, there is no danger
of that, bedtime is quite strict here. 
I appreciate my evening, so don’t want them heading off to bed too
late. Other than that its just keep on
as we are running through the times table (hubbie’s job), doing the homework
sheets every week which have example questions from the tests and finishing
their reading books.

My youngest was told at parents evening that he needs
to brush up on his Mathematics, but for now we can keep up with the pace, but
as they move onto the next step in their education we might start to struggle!
I was reading an interesting article on tips
for acing a maths exam
which will be a great asset when the boys are older,
its jam packed with resources if you have secondary school children. If I feel a bit nervous now heaven help me
when it’s the G.C.S.E’s and A-levels!!! 
I always remember having hugely supportive parents at that time of year;
my dad would run through lots of revision questions to help me remember it all. My mum would bring me cups of tea to sustain
me and purchase whatever additional resources I felt I needed. I want to be there for my boys in the same
way, exams can be a stressful time, so I want them to have me to lean on. I keep buying books and accepting them to review, because I like encouraging them to want to keep on learning.

Excited to have a couple new books to read thanks to #waterstones #reading x A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jan 24, 2016 at 3:30am PST

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