Netflix Release Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday

We were sent a mysterious ‘Watch Kit’
ready for the Pee Wee’s Big Holiday release available on Netflix.

It certainly
built up the excitement and suspense as none of us were quite sure of what to
expect. We had a map of images and when we saw a certain one had to
open the associated numbered box to find an object related to that scene.

Am intrigued an interactive kit from #netflix to open as we watch the film #peeweesbigholiday #netflixstreamteam x

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Our first box contained Pee-Wee t-shirts and the boys were eager to get into character straight away.

Box 1 opened and now we have #peeweeherman doubles #netflixstreamteam #peeweesbigholiday x

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As it was Pee-Wee’s first ever holiday I think we needed lots of ceremony,
because it’s quite scary heading off into the big wide world – although you
would not see me hesitating even for an instant if dishy Joe Manganiello (yes
the very one from True Blood and Magic Mike swoon!) invited me to his birthday
party! I would be off like a shot, no delays or dilemmas.

Eldest was
on a sleepover so my youngest (who is 7) did the honours of opening the boxes,
he really liked the film, there were a few bits that he wasn’t so sure about
(the alien lady in the beginning mainly and later when Pee-Wee fell down the
hole and saw different faces) but overall he thought it was pretty good, as I
heard him telling anyone who would listen!

It is quite
wacky in places, but even I had the odd giggle or two (I loved the cowboy
disguise kit when he was trying to get out of his own wedding!). I can’t
get over that the actor Paul Reubens who plays Pee-Wee is actually
63! Obviously laughter must be helping keep him younger than he actually
is, although he does wear lots of makeup and they probably tinkered with visual
effects but either way for 63 he looks great.

Youngest liked the balloon and getting it to
make a tune, the spoon trick information which he wants to master and the cool,
double cool, triple cool stickers. None of us liked the sweets, so we
will not be bonding with Pee-Wee or Joe Manganiello over a root beer barrel candy, more’s the pity! I think we would give the film a triple cool rating!

13 thoughts on “Netflix Release Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday

  1. The husband and our girls would have LOVED to receive that box! He's a big a fan of Pee-wee and recently got the girls to sit and watch this movie with him on Netflix. They loved it as much as he did 🙂

  2. Oh what fun, this sounds brilliant. We keep hearing great things about Netflix although we don't have it yet as we have Sky. Should have a look really 🙂

  3. We had a netflix trial for a month and really enjoyed it but we still have amazon prime so will wait until that has finished before paying for netflix

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