Skylanders Superchargers Wii U

We had until recently only had the Wii version of this Skylanders Superchargers and wondered why we had exciting racing element but nowhere to use our
characters to their full potential. It was then we
realised that the Wii game is more limited than the Wii U missing
the all important adventure mode. That
part of the game is hugely enjoyable (so if you don’t have it yet, I do recommend upgrading to the Wii U version!), so much so that hubbie and I now have our own
saved game – why let the kids have all
the fun!

We are on Chapter 15 and
planning another session this evening, I really like how they have incorporated
the vehicles into the adventure. I have always had a little try of the game play in the previous Skylanders games but this is the first time I have felt determined to finish the game completely (Kaos watch out I am coming for you!!!).

In the latest instalment Master Eon is missing and it’s
the Skylanders job to track him down. I
really like the humour in the game, to try and locate Eon you have to find the Cloudbreather Dragon and offer it a personal item of
the individual you are looking for. So of all the things you can imagine its Eon’s sock that is offered up for the dragon to use his locating skills – I think he’s quite brave giving that a whiff!

I really like the graphics they are bright and colourful. I am just hoping the boys bedtime hurries along so its my turn on there.

For Easter they brought out a seasonal exclusive, Eggcited Thrillipede this is a great character, I love the design with the grenades in pretty pastel colours like Easter eggs and he looks a bit like the Easter bunny (but one that means business!).

I have been upgrading his powers and he is now a force to be reckoned with. I just need to get hold of more coins and treasure before hubbie does! It’s always a manic race to the good stuff if I don’t move quick most of the shiny things go to him…

We were also sent the V Dive Bomber Easter Exclusive the colours are more vibrant than the normal addition. I think its worth buying if you do not have the original already or if you simply want to complete the collection of vehicles.

Vehicle upgrades are made by the pit crew using the cogs you have collected in the game, so its worth collecting as many as you can as you play, so when you are using your vehicle its fully pimped out. You can also find vehicle add-on’s by using items you collect which might improve your armour, top speed, acceleration, weight or handling.

It’s worth investing in your vehicle so the challenges are easier to complete. Hubbie and I took 12 minutes to finish a mini quest to take out 40 enemies, there was a bonus for a 2 minute finish time so we really need to up our game!

The boys really like that when you rank up you can pick a reward from a choice of two options, I think that’s a nice change, it makes them feel more powerful being able to make their own decision.

I thought I liked this game on the Wii, but I LOVE it on the Wii U.

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