The Master Bedroom

recap much has been achieved, especially as two bedrooms have been merged into
one (with great expense, ceremony and dust!) and new beams fitted, new windows
installed and new radiators, then we halted to an abrupt stop. We have just celebrated two years of owning
our “new” house, but progress has slowed right down. I guess there is only so long you can juggle the debt before you
realise its time to ease off the renovations.

my “glorious” room is generally a no go area! You can see in the picture the steel that has gone in to reinforce the ceiling now there is no wall to help support it. It’s always a good idea to check if walls are supporting before you go in guns blazing! It does add a lot of £££ to the job as we had to pay for the structural engineer to work out his calculations.

But I do wander in occasionally to daydream about when its
finished. The plaster board which needs
to be screwed in to the beams is getting more and more damaged by being left on
the floor, I managed to break a bit off taking pictures (shush don’t tell
hubbie!). But we have no money left at
the moment to get the builder back and hubbie does not have the necessary skill
to do it himself (although that MIGHT change, he thinks if he watches enough
YouTube videos he could tackle the job, we shall see!).

priority list:

The Ceiling

such a cold room without a ceiling; it makes the rest of the house quite
drafty. I guess that HAS to be the
first priority.


someone in to do this can get quite expensive, I wish hubbie could pick up the
skill but it’s apparently a tricky one to learn and quite energetic, all his
muscles would ache but knowing my luck the plaster would set before he managed
to finish the job! Although he is not
afraid to get his hands dirty, as you can see from an earlier post about DIY I
wrote – and the picture below!


have been avoiding carpet so far, just because its better for my asthma, the
alternative is colder but much easier to keep clean! I am thinking solid oak
or engineered
oak flooring
at the moment. Nexus
Flooring looks a good option, as they offer free underlay (always a bonus!) and
appear to have quite competitive prices. 


think I would go magnolia again, I know I have no imagination, as it’s a colour
I stick with in every single room! But
its so neutral, maybe a little bland, but its warmer than white whilst still
being clean and sophisticated. To break
up all the magnolia though we will probably have some wall art or canvas


This needs a complete overhaul, nothing in there can
be salvaged, everything was dated and past its best. At the moment the colour of the sink and shower unit is some kind
of brown… I want everything hygienic white. 
It’s quite a small space so I would probably get a cloakroom basin to
maximise the available room.

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