TOMY The Good Dinosaur Review & Competition

The boys were pleased when two of their favourite
dinosaurs descended on us. They very
much enjoyed The Good Dinosaur film so naturally were eager to meet the related
merchandise. Be warned if you have not
watched the film yet you might need tissues, although my two coped well with
the content because even though there is the loss of a key character you see
how much stronger Arlo becomes and that leaves a positive message at the end.

#thegooddinosaur toys have arrived thanks #tomy loved the film and these look great x

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My boys had grown rather fond of Arlo from the film so
having him to review was a definite highlight! 
Spot is quite a character too, a curious and daring cave-boy, very brave
for his small size. Arlo and him make a
very unlikely pair but its lovely seeing their friendship develop and
grow. Each complimenting the other with
their very different personalities, Arlo is as nervous as Spot is
fearless. Alongside Arlo (which also
came with Spot) we were sent Galloping Butch.

Butch is ideal as he roars, bites and gallops so adds lots more to a play
session, the boys remembered him as one of the good guys from the film so they
used him to defend their imaginary herd! 
We could have done with a few of the naughty Velociraptors
to battle with but whatever characters they did not have they just improvised
with random figures from their playroom. 
Although I have a feeling once they realise just how comprehensive The Good Dinosaur range from TOMY
is they might want lots more different figures to immerse themselves in a
bigger pre-historic adventure! We could
do with Thunderclap just to put him in his place!

#thegooddinosaur toys review and competition to go live on my blog soon 😃 x

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boys have enjoyed lots of imaginative play recreating scenes from the film and
making up their own storylines. The
level of detailing of the figures is excellent. I think its worth building up a collection of them, my two had
lots of fun with just these three characters but if we had more I think the
duration of play would have lasted even longer and more of us could have joined

To celebrate the DVD
release of The Good Dinosaur I am giving one winner the ultimate prehistoric
prize. The Lucky winner will receive Galloping Butch, the Action Arlo and Spot
and a cuddly Arlo! To
enter please kindly fill out the form below by the 22nd of April.

Win Galloping Butch, the Action Arlo and Spot and a cuddly Arlo

106 thoughts on “TOMY The Good Dinosaur Review & Competition

  1. I have bought several dinosaurs for cousins children in the age range of 4 to 6 and they are always so appreciative. These look cute and would love it for my daughter who is five.

  2. Is it safe to admit that I love dinosaurs? If I got lucky and won, it would be difficult to give them to the children.

  3. We've not watched it yet but my little girl knows the characters already, I've no idea how – thank you for the giveaway

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