All set for adventure with the Pirate Snuggle Sac

My youngest really likes pirates
still; he occasionally dons his fancy dress outfit and loves his fetching hat
and bandana to get into character. But
even the most brave and fearsome of pirates need downtime to relax and unwind
after a busy day at sea, to recuperate before resuming their duties in earnest
(digging for treasure, navigating and firing the cannon!).

So he is now quite partial to
snuggling up in his Pirate Snuggle Sac, the design is ideal for him and his
interest. It’s priced at £45 but really
lovely, the detailing transforms him into the pirate when he is laying
comfortably for a rest. The quality is
there, it’s very cosy and soft.

If you have a child reluctant to
go to bed letting them have a game of make believe might coax them off to sleep
or if you want to settle them on the sofa again its perfect for that,
especially if your child is feeling under the weather and needs to feel looked
after, safe and snug!

The tote bag is handy to carry the
Pirate Snuggle Sac safely to your chosen destination (or should I say seaport!),
easy for a child to manage to take on a sleepover at friends.

It’s not your traditional sleeping
bag its much more fun. They also have a
Flower Fairy, which is cute and adorable. 
The Snuggle Sac is machine washable always a bonus, because lets be
honest children are mucky pups and its much nicer if you can wash their entire
bedding rather than just the cover.

I think its good to make a boy’s bedroom as exciting
as possible, it’s there little haven after all, so this Pirate Snuggle Sac is
the first step to achieving that. I also
love the handmade beds over on Ollie & Leila I do want
to swap his bunk bed for a single bed again eventually so will be checking what
they have available. All the top bunk
seems to be doing at the moment is housing a small mountain of soft toys and
collecting dust…

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