Astro Limina Light

I was sent the Astro Limina
light to review on my blog; I was excited to be bringing more light into our
living room. During the day we do okay
for natural light, we have quite large windows and a fair few of them, but of
an evening it’s a bit dark, as I do not think the previous owners opted for the
best lighting fixtures for the size of the room. Fortunately Ormod who sent this particular light are specialists
in lightening solutions so I had high hopes for the review.


Love my new Astro Limina portable uplight 😃 x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on May 19, 2016 at 3:09pm PDT


The Astro Limina proved to be
very tasteful, I love the shape and it has quite a surprising strong beam for
its size! We placed it on the floor so the wall behind brightened
considerably, although I don’t recommend getting too close and looking directly
at the bulb or your eyes hurt from the glow – just for the record I was trying
to take a close-up picture I am not a glutton for punishment! But from afar it
really enhances the mood of the room.


It’s a stylish light that complements our
living room rather nicely. It means we can now turn off the main light
and have more intimate lighting to settle in together, nice for the evening
when you want to relax and unwind after a hectic day. It makes the room
seem warmer and cosy, it really does help transform it to a more welcoming space.


If white does not fit in with
your décor then you can actually paint this light, with only minimal
preparation, which I think is rather clever. But I like the white colour
as it is; it’s modern and minimalistic.


Priced at £69.24 the Astro Limina is at the top end of
our budget for this type of light but it is a lovely item to add to your house
if you can afford to.

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