Gangsta Granny Stage Show Review

A few weeks ago we headed off to
Venue Cymru in Llandudno to see Gangsta Granny on stage. My boys are huge David Walliams fans, they
really like the book so naturally were eager to watch the live performance. We had these review tickets booked for ages
so were thrilled the date had finally arrived!

Must see #gangstagrannyliveonstage fab performance well done #birminghamstagecompany x

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The talented Birmingham
Stage Company
excelled themselves, the whole audience was thoroughly
entertained for the duration of the show. 
We had morning tickets so it was full to the brim with school groups and
there was such a buzz in the crowd, all the children were getting caught up in
the performance. Towards the end
everyone was dancing in the aisles, the atmosphere was incredible.

Even though we have watched the
film and read the book, the Birmingham Stage Company still gave their own take
of Gangsta Granny; it felt very original in its own way. The scene changes were flawless and very
clever, actually becoming part of the show. 
The actors were well suited to their parts; they were an incredibly
gifted cast. We spotted an old
favourite of ours playing Ben’s dad, we have seen Ben Martin at Warwick Castle
before in the Horrible Histories live stage show, he always manages to add so
much to the performance just with his facial expressions! We also enjoyed the dancing; Ben’s mum
(Louise Bailey) is quite a flamboyant character.

I was completely immersed in the
story line and even shed a tear for Granny near the end, she is such an
adorable Granny I would eat her cabbage soup to keep her happy! It really makes you appreciate the older
generation and think about whether they could be lonely, they won’t be around
for ever so spend time with them whilst you can, although maybe not steal any
crown jewels in the process… scrabble anyone?

There are still 25 venues left lasting until the 3rd
of December 2016, so I do recommend checking out the tour info to see if the
production will be in your area at some point. 
It would be a real shame to miss out, we had happy faces all round!

9 thoughts on “Gangsta Granny Stage Show Review

  1. I love David Walliams and Gangsta Granny is one of my favourites. I've just seen it's coming to us in late June, I'll have to see about tickets 🙂

  2. How lovely to have received tickets to see this show! I love taking the kids to see live theatre, as it is such an immersive environment and it sounds like the Birmingham Stage Company did a great job!

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