Lately parenting is more Aaaahhh! not Awww

I thought having two kids under two was tough, in reality it
was just tiring. Friends with older
children always said wait till they are bigger then the challenges really
begin, I thought seriously what could be worse than living on a couple of hours
sleep – needing regular caffeine top-ups to survive till bedtime, but they were

Can I squeeze them back down to size…

Lately parenting has flicked up a notch on the difficulty
setting, it seems as they are progressing to becoming more independent without
the maturity to match, you have a whole new minefield to enter.

For example last week I thought giving them the house key
would be fine, I was politely chatting to my neighbour in our garden and they just
wanted to get settled in after school or so I thought. It was only when I tried to get in the house
myself I realised they had decided to lock me out!

Then on top of that eldest decided to make my neighbour the
cup of tea I had just promised him, he has never made a cup of tea yet so far,
never shown the slightest interest, so whilst I am locked out of the house he
obviously thought (lightbulb moment!) why not risk handling boiling water for
the first time…

As it was youngest eventually let me in, eldest had not
managed to scold his hands as he hadn’t realised how long a kettle needed to
boil luckily and just poured the neighbour a tepid cup of tea! It’s nice he wants to be more independent
but I would rather he decided the moment to do so is when there is some form of
adult supervision in the house.

Eldest wants to play out unsupervised, he wants to ditch his helmet when he rides his bike, he managed to bunk off his school swimming lessons for the last two weeks of the term. Naturally at 8 he knows best… my dad always said to me what colour is the sky? Because I could never agree with him, now I get the sentiment. It’s my turn to go through it dad, least you survived to tell the tale!

I often think is it just my boys, is it how I am
raising them, then I hear some other parent going through something similar or
worse and smile a little internal smile. 
We can survive this, admittedly with a few more white hairs and stress
lines, its no walk in the park anymore and I am sure parents of teenagers would
tell me just you wait… but you know what this time I know they are right!

14 thoughts on “Lately parenting is more Aaaahhh! not Awww

  1. Oh golly. I remember three was hard and I always wondered WHY is it called the terrible twos when two is blissful and it's actually threenagers that are a nightmare. Now mine is nearly six he can be an absolute pleasure but we have out moments like last night where he was SO disobedient. I wish he listened as much to me as to his Teacher. Getting locked out would have been very frightening for me. I can imagine it only too well as Aaron once accidentally locked me in the garden shed and it was only the two of us at home. So so so so very glad he used the water when it was tepid. I physically sighed a breath of relief at that xx

  2. My son locked me out when he was 2 yrs old and his sister just 6 months old. I'd only gone out to hang out the washing while the baby slept and he locked the back door…I had to climb in through the window. I did survive the teenage years though, just about. Then I celebrated by having three more babies…glutten for punishment, lol. I'm glad yours didn't come to any harm though.

  3. My eldest has just become a teenager and that brings with it a whole new playing field. However my experience so far is that the rocky bumps do smooth out. Good luck with it all!

  4. Every stage has its challenges, I think. I don't really wish mine were little again – I think it's more fun now (even when they lose their keys!)

  5. So funny! I think each stage has various challenges too, and the best thing is that even when they decide to do various "interesting" things, we inevitably laugh about them at some later stage! 😀

  6. I agree as they get older the issues get bigger! I guess at least communication is bit easier as they get older though I am dreading the moody teenager! x

  7. I have learned this too, the older they get the more they actually need mum and dad. I have learned that if I set boundaries they will push against them!

  8. It's one of the biggest parenting secrets ever. Childhood is all about pushing boundaries and it never stops…at any age and it certainly doesn't get easier. They need us just as much as they get older.

  9. This made me chuckle – Isaac is 8 and I have just started letting him play outside. I have to say that as a parent of tots and teens – the teens are harder work (sorry)

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