#LEGOLANDStarWars2016 Event

was our sixth visit to Legoland and I would say it was definitely one of our
favourites. The boys were very excited
about the #LEGOLANDStarWars2016
event and came dressed in character, as LEGOLAND is such a fun place to be the
boys were willing to put their differences aside to enjoy the resort instead!

#legolandstarwars2016 putting aside their differences to have fun together at @legolandwindsor #starwars x

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arrival we had a private tour of the indoor LEGO Star Wars Miniland Model
Display. We had a quiz although why we
guessed the common brick colour to be white is beyond me, given that the
biggest LEGOLAND model is The
Death Star
, with 500,000 mainly grey bricks!!! The whole area is very impressive, whether your Star Wars fans or
not. The boys especially loved pressing
the buttons for the sounds, movement and lightening effects.

The LEGO Star Wars weekend is an annual event in LEGOLAND
and one well worth adding to your calendar. 
They have a comprehensive schedule of Star Wars activities for your
little ones to get involved in. I was
overwhelmed with the sheer number of characters to meet, on arrival they were
clustered around Miniland and children and adults were eagerly lining up for
pictures with them all.

Fantastic character meet and greets at @legolandwindsor #legolandstarwars2016 #starwars x

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characters were very engaging, my son as a mini Darth Vader would get salutes
and bows from the Storm Troopers, which he was naturally delighted about! He liked all the fuss and attention, so I
would say bring your children dressed in costume to make the most of the experience. One character even gave both the boys a pack
of Star Wars trading cards! They seem
like lovely people that really make the day what it is.

Being dressed as a mini #darthvader means he’s on a power trip! Told me his troops will sort me out #legolandstarwars2016

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Apr 30, 2016 at 5:10am PDT

Duplo Splash Safari had also re-opened and whilst the sun was shining the boys
were eager to have a splash, so we did not manage to take part in all the
planned Star Wars activities.

were lots of LEGO building opportunities, some of the pictures can be found using
the hashtag #LEGOLANDStarWars2016 if we attend next year we will definitely try
and get more involved in that side of things.

boys did enter the Costume Competition; they liked parading around and seeing
what the other children were wearing. 
The effort involved in some of the costumes was nothing short of

the end of the day youngest even managed to meet Ollie the
Dragon which was another highlight of his! 
By then he had ditched his Darth Vader costume but Ollie was still a bit
dubious at first when he saw the red light sabre!

Had the most incredible day! We love @legolandwindsor normally but its extra special on #legolandstarwars2016 days x A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Apr 30, 2016 at 9:37am PDT

13 thoughts on “#LEGOLANDStarWars2016 Event

  1. Lego and Star Wars together? It doesn't get better than that (at least that is what my boys would say) 🙂 It looks like it was a lovely event and your boys had lots of fun! I will now have to add it to our summer calendar 🙂

  2. I've never been to Legoland but my four years old is currently really enjoying getting into it so I think he would love to go sometime soon! He's not seen Star Wars yet as Tom wants to wait until he's a little older and it makes a bigger impact x

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