MoneySuperMarket One-Week Energy Challenge

Let’s be honest we are probably all a little guilty of
wasting electricity, my personal bugbear is that I think our house looks like
the Blackpool Illuminations because the boys and hubbie seem to leave every light
on regardless of whether or not they are actually in that room. I did a count once and I turned off NINE
lights… its not even like we have the cash to splash around on higher energy
bills. We have just got into a bad
habit and need to try harder to conserve energy. It’s time to educate the family on saving money; the only way for
them to understand though is to give up something they really love.

So I thought I really should take part in the MoneySuperMarket One-Week Energy Challenge
to try and reduce our energy bills (and save the planet in the process!). To really hammer the message home the
campaign was about giving up an appliance you really enjoy having, if energy
bills got so high you would have to give up enjoying that particular item and
stick to the basics, only using electricity for lights (mind you not as many as
my family put on!), preparing food and possibly heating water depending on what
system you had. But straighteners,
TV’s, iPad’s and consoles (sorry boys!) would have to sadly be given up.

I decided to take
the challenge by living without my TV for a week, even though not using the
lights would be the most sensible option for our household, I thought knowing
my luck the boys would probably set fire to the house with a candle!!! But the lights are more of a necessity than
a luxury, so I needed something that would really get the message across to the

It’s not been easy,
but we have had more on than usual to distract us. We went to visit my friend’s new gorgeous kittens.

Met these little cuties today #kittens #iwantone x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on May 22, 2016 at 2:24pm PDT

We have also had a board game evening and hubbie and I had a romantic night away.

In terms of how much being without the TV
has saved us This is Money worked out a plasma TV costs £95 a year to run, so although its
not a big saving on its own it’s the combined cost of everything else running
in our household. The hairdryer going
in the morning, our washing machine being constantly on, the boys playing a
quick game of Minecraft before school, me normally watching Orphan Black on
Netflix during the day whilst I blog (how I have missed you!) and hubbie
tinkering away on his laptop in the evening.

Thankfully MoneySuperMarket
help you find cheaper deals for your energy so you can still hang on to your
most favourite gadgets if you’re a savvier shopper! I am not adverse to switching providers for a better deal, with a
cheaper fixed tariff we can hang onto our TV and the boys will be relieved its
not time to give up their gaming habit just yet! Also don’t forget to turn your appliances off properly; it’s
amazing how much it adds up just leaving everything on standby!

This post is in collaboration with
MoneySuperMarket, but all thoughts are our own

9 thoughts on “MoneySuperMarket One-Week Energy Challenge

  1. Left on lights are a bugbear of mine and my husband! We're always switching them off when they're not needed. I'm pretty sure I could live with out TV for a week, even more, but the computer is another thing… My husband is great though, he turns everything off in the kitchen, whilst I tend to forget and leave them on -_-

  2. The boys know that I am keen on making sure we are as energy efficient as possible. We have special plugs that turn everything off when you put the TV on standby. LED lights, draft excluders!

  3. I follow my husband around like a stalker in the evening, it's like Blackpool Illuminations in our home otherwise! I'm scared of the dark – but more scared of the energy bills 😉

  4. Hehe the lights!! A bugbear here too. My Teen ALWAYS leaves the bathroom light on. All day sometimes if he's the last one out of the house. Drives me nuts. I'm liking the board games entertainment! Our TV is on right now actually and no one is even in the room! x

  5. I remember my mum and dad always complaining about us kids leaving the lights on when I was younger; now I'm the one telling my kids off for the same thing. They do say that what goes around, comes around and now I know how mum and dad felt!

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