Mr Frosty Crunchy Ice Maker Review

Mr Frosty is the one toy I longed for as a child but never
received off Santa. My mum seemed to
ignore my repeated requests for one, so despite never owning my own it still
makes me feel nostalgic! As you can
imagine I was thrilled about the news that the boys would receive one to review
so we could make a little video of our experience.

So excited I always wanted a #mrfrosty as a child and now my boys get a chance to review one, feeling #nostalgic x

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For £19.99 I think it’s a lovely
gift, I like how it comes with a nice selection of accessories so you can make
the most out of creating iced treats.

Youngest enjoyed filling the
fruit moulds the day before, you can see from the beam on his face that he liked being
involved in the process – I just tried not to notice all the spilt squash haha!

My eldest managed to operate Mr
Frosty on his own, the handle was a bit stiff but it got the job done and he
felt quite satisfied seeing the ice appear in the pull out tray. We used the fruit moulds we had already filled
with the diluted squash and allowed to freeze but I would imagine plain ice then
flavouring it with squash using the adorable squeezy penguin would add to the

You can watch our video below which provides more product information and gives a little demonstration of Mr Frosty in action.

I feel glad I have finally indulged my Mr Frosty craving (admittedly at he ripe old age of 37!) but more than anything it was wonderful seeing how much the boys liked the product. They always came home from school badgering from snacks but you can’t really go wrong with offering them some iced treats especially now the weather is hotting up!

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for children here

12 thoughts on “Mr Frosty Crunchy Ice Maker Review

  1. I always wanted one too and my mum always said they were a waste of money! I am going to get one for Maxi for doing his SATs, but really it is for me!

  2. I always wanted one as a child and my parents wouldn't buy one so when Liam was little I bought one, I instantly regretted it and realised why they wouldn't buy me one! LOL it was used once and never seen again x

  3. I always wanted one but never got one, just like cabbage patch dolls! I bought myself a cabbage patch doll a few years ago because I couldn't get rid of the longing!

    Still haven't had a Mr Frosty though. Maybe the girls will add one their Christmas list year and I'll finally be able to have a go!

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