SolarSplash Opens at Greenwood Forest Park

Greenwood Forest Park has always been a wonderful day out for our family but it’s gone and got even more exciting with the opening of their fantastic SolarSplash attraction, so called because it is powered by the sun. I must admit I am impressed that Greenwood Forest Park always develop their park thinking about sustainability.

In this ride you speed down chutes or the tube in a little inflatable boat, it’s quite thrilling and well worth climbing the 60+ steps for another go! Children over three are welcome to ride with an adult and over eight’s can tackle the ride of their own. The descent is quite fast, apparently reaching speeds of 25 miles an hour! Youngest wanted me to close my eyes on the way down, but then I felt I was going even faster again…

Had a glorious day at #greenwoodforestpark the #solarsplash attraction new for 2016 is awesome! @greenwood_forest_park x

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The staff operating the ride were very pleasant, helping children at the bottom who were struggling to load the boats back onto the device that returns the boats to the top of the ride. Fortunately you don’t have to carry your dingy up the stairs like you do with the trays for the Great Green Run.

The ride itself is a lot of fun and as a parent who wants to tire out her children it helps your children burn off lots of energy climbing back up the stairs to rejoin the queue for another turn. We were lucky with queues we never waited long to hurtle back down the slides, the boys at the top were very efficient, managing which side people wanted. You can either queue for the orange slides or the yellow covered one. My boys were a little reluctant of the yellow one at first, but once we had made our maiden journey down it all was well and they wanted another go straight away. 

We never really got wet either which was a relief; the dingy seems to keep you quite dry! It was a warm day on our visit but Wales being Wales you can never rely on the weather, so it’s good they factored that in to the design of the ride, because whatever the weather children will want to try out the thrilling new ride. 

Well done Greenwood Forest Park SolarSplash gets a big thumbs up from all of us!

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