The Importance of Staying Safe in the Sun

were sent a UV Kit from Boots Soltan Sun Cream to help the boys understand the
importance of staying safe in the sun.

Pleased with my #Soltan UV kit to get us thinking about #sunsafety and the importance of staying protected #sunprotection x

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I asked the boys about the effect of the sun and they said it can burn
you and turn you into a “tomato face” if you stay in it too long. They said it’s important to use sun cream to
stay peach coloured. They also seemed full of quite useful advice really, telling me if it’s hot to put on a
hat, sunglasses and head for some shade. 
Have a bottle of water to keep hydrated and plenty of sun cream. But despite this valuable knowledge we still
have our battles when its time to apply the cream and they really should know
better given their new found awareness of the real issues of sun damage. Yes it’s not just the chance of sunburn or
wrinkles it can get a lot worse!

boys taid (grandfather) had two moles cut out lately as they were found to be
cancerous, so the boys are aware that sun cream is pretty essential to protect
against that risk. My dad was only ever
putting on very low factor sun cream and then I am sure it was a few years old, so it’s
probably factor zero by now, well past its best. I think my dad could do with the advice available on the Boots
Soltan’s online resource just as much
as the boys so we can all stay sun safe! I think we need to apply it more often (every two hours according to Soltan) but I do think we use plenty, some times my boys look like extra’s from Casper the friendly ghost!

have learnt that even on overcast days the UV rays can still be there. I was not sure the UV paints would work
properly given the clouds in the sky.

But the boys were eager to try anyway.

You can see the UV paint going on white coloured despite the tubs saying red and blue.

Once outside the UV rays did there thing and it was suddenly in colour! The boys loved the “magic” of this.

It’s definitely been an enlightening experience for us! Hopefully the boys will be less reluctant for me to crack open the sun cream from now on, no excuses when we see clouds either!

7 thoughts on “The Importance of Staying Safe in the Sun

  1. I love the UV paint – How clever! I am paranoid about sun protection. When I was really unwell I had to take some really powerful drugs and one of their long term side effects is that I suffer with sun sensitivity,

  2. I am loving the UV paint and kind of want some for myself. I was never paranoid about the sun growing up and it was rare I would wear sun cream. Now I am totally paranoid.

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