It’s all gone a bit YO-KAI WATCH
crazy here, the boys are ever so slightly hooked on the new release for the
Nintendo 3DS. Since the 29th
of May it’s all they want to talk about, they even “play” the game at school
running around the field trying to find YO-KAI characters.

If your not familiar with the game its all about lots of
characters some mischievous, others cute or spooky, they all have very
individual personalities and strengths and your job is to track them down so
you can beat the evil YO-KAI and solve this issues throughout the game and in
turn protect Springdale from these roguish entities. With over 200 of these characters you have your
work cut out!

It’s completely captured the
attention of my boys (aged 7 and 8) and their friends. I have myself had a little try and although
my battling skills need improving I can definitely see the attraction of the
game. Springdale is fun to explore and
huge, freely roaming around appeals to my boys and their sense of adventure
from city to woodland lets lots to see and interact with. Youngest likes going around catching bugs
(these can be exchanged for other items). 
You can imagine just admiring the backdrop and having a break from YO-KAI
spotting, but that’s part of the lure, the freedom to travel around the game as
you wish.

It’s a fantastic game for investigating and resolving
problems, the YO-KAI can be found to be the cause of most of them! So by getting them on side you can slowly
start to put things right in Springdale once and for all. I think it’s a great game for children to
acknowledge people’s feelings and hopefully think about how their behaviour
could impact others (minus a YO-KAI egging them on of course!). They can start to realise if someone says
something mean it will affect others.

You use your YO-KAI Lens
to find the YO-KAI and they could be hidden anywhere, the boys liked
improving their powers of observation and tracking the YO-KAI as they tried to
escape. Then you have the battle
scenario; here I got a bit confused by the YO-KAI Wheel but basically you trace
symbols and spinning a disk to activate your powers! My boys seemed be more battle ready than me as I kept losing, I don’t
know if it was down to my six selected YO-KAI or most likely the fault of the
player… although I haven’t had much chance to refine my skills seeing as the
boys don’t really want to share their YO-KAI Watch game!!! There is some strategic thinking needed
about who makes your battle list and what boosts you can get from them. I think I will stick to throwing food at the YO-KAI in the hope I can befriend them! Your inventory plays an important part because it helps recover HP in battle or adjust the personality of the YO-KAI like making them more gentle.

I completely see why it’s huge in
Japan, its very addictive. I have a
feeling it will take Europe by storm next! 
It’s a delightful game that adults will be just as happy playing. I am glad Japan are sharing the phenomenon
with us.

You can find out more
information on the YO-KAI
WATCH website

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