Adventures in Petlandia

were sent two of the Adventures in Petlandia books for my boys to review. 
These books are so precious! Yes
we have had personalised books before but not ones involving our beloved pooch,
Summer. It’s an original idea that is
captured in such a beautiful book, the artwork is bold and colourful and the
story charming.

It was an instant hit for the boys, it’s so very
cute. They wanted to flick through the
pages straight away, I have read it to youngest more than once and he never
tires of hearing what his dog got up to. 
I like how the book has a bit of humour in it too and we all liked the
moral of the story, you might have fame and fortune but some things are much
more important. Naturally the fact
Summer had an iBone with Instapaw on made her pretty cool too in their eyes!

If your tempted to order your own basically you head to
the website and go through the personalisation options, you start with the name
of your pet, the type (dog, cat or rabbit available currently), their hometown,
whether the owner is male or female and their first name to create a unique
book with your very own pet as the star!

It’s a very simple process but clever too, the second
element of the personalisation is picking out a pet that matches the colouring
of your own (from quite a wide selection might I add you can scroll through for a while). You then have some further flexibility with
eye colour and collar colour. I really think they did Summer justice!

I think it’s worth the price £19.99 if you wanted to
give an extra special gift to your child. 
You can get a five-page preview from the site to give you a feel for the
book before placing your order, but my two testers at seven and nine thought
the book was fabulous! They love their
dog so for them having a story all about her (and how much she loves them!) is brilliant.

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