Becoming a Birthday Hero thanks to Gift Wink

Gift buying has become trickier
lately, the boys are much more discerning. 
When they were tiny tots they would be just as happy with the cardboard
box the gift was housed in but these days it takes more thought to get a
positive reaction and see their eyes light up in delight. Plus as they get older they already seem to
have so much “things” it’s hard to come up with a new idea that they don’t
already own in ten different formats already!!!

Fortunately that’s where Gift Wink comes in, they allow you to
signup and add all the dates of important occasions that you need to remember
(and often forget!) and send appropriate gifts for. Let’s be honest this service is a godsend especially if you don’t
have children of your own, then its even harder to know what to buy your
friends and families children, the Gift Wink suggestions make life MUCH

Now my boys are older (nine and
seven) and friends have younger children you soon forget what gifts are most
suitable for them. I also have two
nieces and being a mum of boys sometimes struggle to think what they might like
as a gift – I tend to end up with the boring option of giving money, but it
would be nice to find them a gift with more meaning, one that looks like I
really deliberated to find something they would love!

Signing up was straightforward
and simple, you can also add your child’s interests from a good selection (like
cool science, educational, books and days out for my eldest and blasters,
action toys and outdoor toys that I chose for youngest), to make sure the
suggestions are perfect for what they like most.

When their birthdays were added to my online calendar I had a
little look through the gift suggestions and found that they were just right
for my boys. You can also browse gifts
by age if you have not got round to adding everyone’s birthdays yet, its very
easy to navigate the site and if you like the sound of a particular gift you
can click to add it to your wishlist or buy (it conveniently directs you
straight to the associated site to get it!). 
The Minecraft Creeper Anatomy was a wonderful find, thank you Gift Wink!

I like the feeling of finally
being a birthday hero – I hate to miss children’s birthdays especially, they
tend to take it to heart! As an adult
my birthday can be pretty low key and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. But for the boys I know they really look
forward to birthday presents and cards, at their age it’s nice to have fuss and
attention and celebrate appropriately! 
I think Gift Wink is an essential for everyone, parents, godparents,
grandparents, aunties and uncles; it will help you feel organised and take the
stress out of gift buying! Once you
have signed up you will wonder how you ever managed before using Gift Wink.

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