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dad enjoys a decent beer, at almost seventy-two its one of his little luxuries
in life. So when I was offered the
opportunity to see what BeerBods was
about I quickly accepted with him in mind, I tend to think of beer first when
picking out a present for my dad for any occasion really. It works just as well for Fathers Day,
birthdays, Christmas or as a thank you (for looking after our dog or babysitting
the kids!).

my dad enjoys trying new varieties, so I have my work cut out finding enough
new beers to introduce him too. 
Fortunately BeerBods simplify the process for me, rather than
painstakingly hunt down beers when I visit new places, I can buy a gift
subscription for him instead. Then he
will have a selection of beers delivered and learn more about each one as the
weeks go by.

#drinkbetterbeer #beerbods #beer thats fathers day sorted 😃 x

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also like how social BeerBods is, this evening for example at 9pm (if I hadn’t
been struggling to get my two monkeys to bed!) I could have joined in a
conversation about this weeks beer using the hashtag #beerbods. Part of the attraction of beer is the banter
but this way you can still get involved in a chat over a beer without having to
head to your nearest watering hole. I
had a little look afterwards and you can see pictures of people enjoying their
beer and their first impressions.

BeerBods was initially formed by friends tasting beers
in a shed and progressed to become a leading subscription service, the scale
might have grown but what hasn’t changed is the founders commitment to finding
beers that breweries put their heart and soul into making (Matt we salute
you!). The packaging caught my
attention before I even got as far as unveiling the chosen 12 beers; “Drink
Better Beer” was written boldly on the box. 
That really does sum up BeerBods; they are helping you appreciate every
bottle (or can!) of beer you drink.

I would definitely use BeerBods again, I have paid considerably more than £36 for 12 bottles before, so it will work out at a bit of a saving for me and my dad will have the novelty (if he ever got the hang of social media or computers for that matter!) of joining in with the hashtag!

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  1. This looks like a great subscription! My OH is trying to lose weight so he doesn't drink beer otherwise I'd be ordering it for him x

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