Blogging and Web Design

The longer I have blogged the more seriously I have taken it, its been a steep learning process that’s for sure. I have learnt so very much along the way that my little novice blogging self back in 2011 had absolutely no clue about. My original blog design was a sharp contrast to the more co-ordinated look you see today. No doubt in the future it will be completely revamped again, I do like having a bit of a re-design as it makes you feel refreshed and re-inspired to keep blogging.

Initially I had no logo, no common theme, later my husband made me a rudimentary logo with a bed and the blog name, which I was very grateful of and it kept me happy for a good while. But a few years down the line I finally had a logo properly designed as I felt my blog did not have the same visual appeal of similar blogs.

For an even playing field of opportunities it’s worth investing in your blog if you want to get the most out of it. When the changes were made I had compliments about the new look, which made me feel the amount spent was worthwhile.

I guess the next step would be to have a complete website re-design, I have been looking through my options with companies like Essex Web Design Studio to work out costings, does it sound a bit drastic for a humble little blogger? I don’t know, I have found a platform I like using to carve out my bit of the World Wide Web and I want my blog to look appealing to anyone who stumbles upon it, it’s the way I engage with my readers after all.

Apparently there are less casual bloggers now and more of us taking it seriously, this article by the Guardian pretty much sums it up – theblogosphere has actually improved as those bloggers who remain are more committed in producing well-written content on dynamic sleek websites.

This WikiHow article with eight steps to become a professional blogger is worth a read, if you want some additional advice. Back to the basics of even making sure the spelling is all correct but most of all always remember why you started your blog and try to have fun!

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