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Children don’t always get enough sleep, you can guess its
something I have experienced in my own time, my blog is called Missing Sleep
after all. Now the boys do sleep better
through the night but they still get up too early or try and push their luck
and stay up late. Once they are asleep
they are pretty good, but you know there is always room for improvement!

The Junior Fine Bedding Company have put together a sleep guide for parents and getting
10-12 hours sleep a night is necessary for a child’s learning and
development. Sleep deprivation can lead
to all sorts of problems that could be easily avoided with a proper bedtime
. We try and stick with a
set bedtime but occasionally because of activities and holidays this does vary,
we do however keep the agenda the same, bath, book, bed, so even when the time
isn’t consistent the format helps give them cues its time to sleep.

If you can install blackout blinds to try and
encourage sleep when its still light outside, the summer months can be quite
tricky otherwise and you do find your children reluctant to go to bed because
they think they are being short-changed with some of the day! It’s amazing how good my boys are at resisting bedtime if they feel they are getting a raw deal.

Both my boys have a favourite soft toy each (youngest his lion and eldest his bunny) and that
does assist with settling them, as they cuddle up together it gives them
reassurance when the light goes off. So
if you can get them attached to a toy it does make a difference.

‘The Cheshire
Baby Whisperer’ Evelyn Burdon (a former midwife) said that the bedding should be lightweight
and very soft
, if its light enough children can get it off them to control
their body temperature more easily. 
Mine grumble quite loudly when they are too hot and the last thing I
want when I am tired is for them to find excuses not to go to sleep…

Fortunately the
new Junior range from The Fine Bedding Company is now available to buy from
their website. I am glad to hear they have expanded their expertise to include children, after all even if us parents have the most luxurious products in the world to help us sleep if our own children are awake then its pretty much guaranteed we are not getting a good nights sleep our self!

I would recommend owning
waterproof mattress protectors, it’s not just in case of the odd accident it
helps if your child is unwell with the dreaded sickness bug! Plus I love that its anti-allergy as an
asthmatic myself I understand the importance of buying products that help in
that respect. Everything is also washable and ultra soft, helping you create the right sleeping environment for your child.

Evelyn Burdon also recommended swapping sleeping bags for a duvet as soon as your baby can walk (over 1 year old). We did this as I was concerned when I saw them struggling to stand up in the cot and was worried they would hurt themselves whereas with a lightweight duvet they could move it and stand more freely. I do think its important to buy a duvet especially for children as you want to make sure you get a suitable tog rating and a product that is hopefully very breathable and anti-allergy for little ones sensitive skin.

Do you have any tips to add to help children go off to sleep?

This post was written in collaboration with The Fine
Bedding Company, but all thoughts are my own.

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