Fruit Heroes Review and Competition

I was only too pleased when Fruit Heroes sent me their range of pure
fruit bars.

My boys are always
grumbling they are hungry and these really did the trick, I don’t feel guilty
giving them these either, as they are full of natural ingredients and count as
one of their five a day.

Excited to be trying out the #fruitheroes Fruit Bars range x

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A testament to
how good they are is the fact they have been awarded Sugarwise certification – making Fruit
Heroes the first fruit snack to have such an honour! I think its very important to think about how much sugar our
children are having so for me this is a HUGE plus point when picking out suitable snacks
to buy them at the supermarket. On top
of that they have no colourings or preservatives, I cannot say fairer than

So over to eldest (who at nine can be a discerning
reviewer) for his thoughts on the product: “it doesn’t look appetising but it
tastes great” and about the packaging “these guys look so cute”. He followed on to say, “People should
definitely buy Fruit Heroes including my friends”. He also seems to have got used to the look of the product now.

A plus point for me is that they are so convenient if you want children
to have something healthy in a hurry, no preparing fruit to eat just grab and
go with these. These fabulous products can be added to picnics or pack lunches or taken to school for the pickup! If you come bearing snacks children are always in a better mood! Giving them a snack like this will ward off the hunger pangs and hopefully not have them craving food with added sugar.

So far Banana is proving their favourite variety but
they are quite happy with all of the others in the range (Apple &
Raspberry, Blackcurrant and Strawberry). 
So we will be stocking up with more from our local Co-op (they can also be
found at Holland & Barrett).

I have a lovely competition to giveaway to celebrate Novotel Super Heroes Day which takes place tomorrow, you can book a free place on their website with lots planned for children aged 5-11 years old.

You can see the prize in the picture below. It is filled with products that every super hero will be excited by from brands including Transformers, Spiderman, Nerf and Monopoly from Hasbro as well as Fruit Heroes, the perfect snacks to fuel young caped crusaders and the first children’s fruit snack to be accredited under 5% free sugar with the Sugarwise label.

If you would like to enter to win this amazing prize please fill out the form below by the 4th of July.

Win Fruit Heroes and a toy bundle

195 thoughts on “Fruit Heroes Review and Competition

  1. I've not seen these in the shop or heard about them before but it looks like a great snack for children and adults.

  2. We love the fact their is a huge range of flavours available and they are individually wrapped too which means we can use them for lunch boxes, school trips and car journeys x

  3. We're always struggling to find new, healthy things for my daughter's lunchbox – these would be great!

  4. I've never heard of these before but definitely worth a try – look tasty but healthy too. (@PeanutHog)

  5. My 5 yr old tried the banana one last year and wasn't keen so I've not bought any. Would be great to try other flavours though as they're perfect for snacks!

  6. I have never heard of Fruit Heroes before, but they look and sound amazing! My son is always complaining how hungry he is but always for sweet things! It worries me a lot about sugar intake so these definitely seem to be a perfect solution! X

  7. my kids and my grandson love these snacks, they are great for their lunch boxes and we use them on picnics, and if i am on nanny duty then i can easily pop one in my handbag for when we go out for a quick and simple snack for him, their favorite is the apple and raspberry one

  8. My two would love these in their lunchboxes. Great for picnics too, and handy for days out for little healthy snacks.

  9. I've never heard of these. My eldest is always asking for a snack after school. I love the fact they have been awarded a sugarwise certificate, I'm sure she and her little sister will both enjoy these. Of course I'd have to try one too…you know to make sure they are indeed tasty before letting them have them 😛

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