Kid-Friendly Movies Coming Up This Year

It’s Sunday afternoon, you are home with the kids, and you don’t know what to do to keep them entertained. One wants to play dress up and the other one wants to see the same cartoon for the millionth time. Need a solution that will keep everyone happy? Head on down to the cinemas.

Here’s a list of upcoming movies you can all go and enjoy as a family. There are plenty of options!

Alice Through the Looking Glass (27 May 2016)

Although the reviews are mixed, the first movie was quite good, and we all love a bit of 3D technology once in a while. You can even take it to the next level and dress up your daughter as Alice or your little boy as a rabbit. Pay a trip to a costume hire store like Disguises to get the kids all dressed up and ready for a fun movie experience.

Finding Dory (17 June 2016)

We’ve all been waiting 13 years for a sequel to one of the most beautiful/funny/touching movies of the century. If you want to enjoy the film and claim the experience as your own (MINE MINE MINE), why not go all the way and dress the kids up as clown fish, anemone or mermaids. The under the sea theme is vast; just keep swimming and you’ll find a great outfit for everyone!

Secret Life of Pets (24 June 2016)

Curious about what your pets get up to during the day? While there are a few apps that you can install to check it out, Universal Studios has decided to give us an insight into what ‘really’ happens to our four-legged friends once we close the door on our way to work. Get ready for some cuteness overload and laughter guaranteed. Cat and dog costumes are everywhere and cheap, so this one shouldn’t be too much of a worry.

Ice Age 5 (15 July 2016)

It may feel like the franchise has been running out of ideas, but plenty of kids are still avid fans. If your little ones fall into this category, you’ll inevitably find yourself joining Manny, Sid, Diego and the gang for yet another icy adventure in July.

Get ready to be stacking up the brownie points back home with regular trips to the movies. Just remember: make each visit unique and special for everyone by getting involved and dressing the part!

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