Kirby: Planet Robobot Launch

My boys are keen Kirby fans so were eager to see what the
latest title would offer. We have
played lots of the other games over the years (Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Kirby’s
Adventure and Kirby Triple Deluxe) so are familiar with the format and already
know some of the enemies and super powers; the boys never seem to tire of the
games though and are always enthusiastic to be immersed in their next Kirby
installment, especially when everything is at stake, Kirby needs to save his home planet.

We have always liked how Kirby can
suck in powers to be used by him to defeat the bad guys and bosses; it makes
Kirby a very powerful character with lots of interest as its great trying out
various powers and finding your favourite. 
You have a pretty vast choice – fire, electricity, sword and bombs just
to name a few, you have more than 25 all together. This game offers three completely new copy abilities (Jet, Mirror
and Smash).

Planet Robobot
 (£34.99) has proven to be a great platformer, youngest was most
excited about the Robobot mech abilities and you scan the bad guys to get
their powers. It all looks very high
tech and does add a new level of excitement to the game – we like seeing how
the robobot mech upgrades with each power and transforms how you look in the
suit and seems to supersize the power! 
Youngest got sad when he had to leave his robobot costume behind to go
through a tunnel; luckily he had it back soon enough to continue on his

The graphics are colourful and there
are lots of things to interact with as you progress along the game, the new
suit allows you to move the scenery to explore even more of the game.

The music gets a bit repetitive but
its classic Kirby and you can of course be forgiving as children will
completely love this immersive game. 
Whether this is your first introduction to Kirby or you’re a fan of old
like us, this game comes highly recommended because it is so fun to play. Plus it’s not too tricky so children will
feel like they are progressing nicely through the game.

Youngest liked getting in-game collectible
stickers, which apparently can be used to customise Kirby’s Robobot armor but
we haven’t got that far yet, as he is just happy ploughing through the game

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