Making Summer Savings with Discount Vouchers

have recently arrived back from my holiday in Lanzarote and finally found the
courage to take a peek at my bank account! 
I was a bit like an ostrich hiding my head in the sand and thinking I
wouldn’t have to face up to the problem, but I could not delay the inevitable
any longer. It was time to see the
damage… and DEAL with it as best as we can.

I think I almost fainted when I saw the figure but now I
am over the initial shock I need to look at ways to claw back out of the
red! I also have the school summer
holidays on the horizon so I know budgeting will go out of the window as I try
and find exciting things for the boys to do to keep them out of mischief! But I need to be more frugal, like many
families really, the children will want entertaining but I need to be savvier
and see what deals I can find to make it more affordable.

Fortunately looks quite
promising to make some savings so we can still have some fun when the boys are
off school and not watch every single penny. 
I like the boys to have one special activity each holiday, so they have
a lovely memory of our time together, we have been quad biking and llama trekking
before. Looking through Discount Promo
Codes I stumbled upon the Activity Superstore which looks like just the thing
for finding an out of the ordinary activity – possibly the Meerkat Encounter
for Two as that would be a completely new experience for them.

We are also quite
partial to eating out another luxury that we will no doubt need to cut back on,
thankfully you can see your money go a little further with this site if you use
the restaurant vouchers even more so if your not picking about what day your
happy to eat out (for example you can get 50% off at The Slug & Lettuce on
Mondays!). If you’re planning on
spoiling the dads of the family this Fathers Day its worth remembering certain
restaurants let them dine for free on the 19th of June.

I am off to browse through the various categories of discount vouchers to see
if I can find anything else that might be useful. I quite fancy a tent for the boys to do some camping over the
holidays, it’s a cheap and cheerful break away from home then and you can get
15% off Ultimate Outdoors. Our last and
only camping attempt we borrowed a tent but owning our own would be more
practical. For one we can practice putting it up before we get to the campsite!!!

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  1. I'm in the skint club too. We had a fabulous holiday and now we're paying for it – literally. I really need to knuckle down and find more time to plan and search for vouchers. They can make a massive difference xXX

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