Road Testing Crocs Rain Boots

The boys were thrilled when their Crocs
Handle It Rain Boots
(£19.99) arrived; they have had Crocs before but never
in this format until now.

Well if it rains this weekend the boys are ready to splash in LOTS of puddles!!! #crocs #crocswellies #rainwear #rainboots #crocsrainboots x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jun 21, 2016 at 9:57am PDT

I think Crocs will be our go to brand for rain boots from
now on though, my boys don’t tend to follow the get wet below the rim of your
boot guidance I offer! Generally their
rain boot then ends up half full of water… then getting their foot back out
with wet trousers is quite a feat! But the biggest difficulty is always drying out the boots
before they start to smell… I have had no such problem with their new Crocs,
they have dried out very quickly. I didn’t
need to stuff them full of newspaper to absorb the dampness, they just dried
out naturally, without any fuss.

They are lightweight and comfy; the boys covered lots of
different terrain with them on and never grumbled about discomfort.

They dangled their feet in a stream and the water
did not enter their boots, so they seem quite watertight! It’s only when they get a bit carried away
that the water actually gets in (but only ever through the top of the boot!).

Road tested the #crocsrainboots today through woodland, in streams, over rocks and in mud, official review the boys ❤ them x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jun 25, 2016 at 5:18am PDT

We love the design details, the bright colours and the
handles to help children put them on easily. 
At the very top of the rain boot there are three little holes, which can
be used to add shoe charms to customise their boot! I have spotted some Star Wars designs on the Crocs website and a
clever spinning helicopter which I think would be popular with my pair. They certainly make the rain boots even more
exciting but as they are now they have been very well received by the boys. They are vivid rain boots with plenty of personality just like my boys!

made sure we give them a thorough testing and were very impressed all round. They seem durable which is good as we are quite an active family, we enjoy long walks, geocaching and outdoor adventures! Youngest rates his rain boots a double thumbs up!

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