Supporting the UK

I am not panicking (yet) about the circumstances regarding the EU referendum, but I am keeping a tighter
rein on some aspects of my finances nonetheless – just in case we have a temporary storm to
weather! Usually I think nothing of
doing something nice with the kids every single weekend but today I actually
put the leaflet about a circus back in the drawer so I would not be
tempted. Instead I will think of a
cheaper alternative they will still benefit from, we can enjoy the simple
things for a while (jumping in puddles, bike rides and woodland walks), plus
they visited the circus last year so really it’s not a necessity (or so I keep
telling myself!).

I guess it’s still very important for us all to keep spending in the UK,
supporting British companies as much as we can.

I will do my bit just more carefully and shop around and use
voucher codes wherever possible with sites like that have 6,000
discount codes to choose from. I am
already finding myself looking on the back of products and seeing if they are
made in the UK. I do not know what the
future holds but I tend to carry on regardless, some purchases I will not put
off because of the situation. We need
money to keep circulating around our local communities and the UK in general.

the retail
sector contributes £17.5 billion in taxes a year
so if we all hold onto our
purse strings we might notice quite a dip!

Remarkably in the UK we have the highest spend per
head for e-commerce of any country – I just hope that everyone is searching for
a discount code first! I always have,
but then I like to save money where possible. 
You always feel a huge sense of satisfaction when you apply a code or
click through a link that means you paid that bit less. Just make sure you look at discount sites
that are regularly updates to find the best deals.

The only other change I plan on making is booking a
staycation break next year, so I will be searching sites for discounts on
holidays closer to home.

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