Total Action Football #Euros2016

My boys up until now have never
been overly interested in football but with the excitement behind Euro 2016
that all seems to be quickly changing. 
They have started asking to watch matches on television and have bought
the Euro 2016 sticker book and are spending 50p’s at an alarming rate trying to
get more stickers they need.

So as you can imagine this
delivery from John Adams was
very well timed; Total Action Football (RRP £26.99) has been very well received

Time for some table #football #totalactionfootball #euros2016 @johnadamstoys x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jun 18, 2016 at 4:15am PDT

Whether your children are BIG
football fans or not they will enjoy the fast paced play. It was nice seeing hubbie get enthusiastic
too (he’s not much of a sports fan normally); he had a game with eldest and
took it very seriously! They played 15
mins each way, swapped sides and even asked for a snack at half time!!! A fair few games later they only stopped
play as we were going out, Total Action Football is the perfect entertainment for
my boys.

It was easy enough to set up you
just stretch out the pitch and pin it into place adding the plastic sides, so
your children (or the adults!) can enjoy the game without unnecessary delay. The boys even helped with setting up, eldest
knew which way the goal needed to go in before hubbie!

Once you have finished your
football match for the day you can either dismantle it simply enough and store
in the box or we managed to carry it off the table ready to play again
tomorrow. I do not think we will be
putting it away for some time.

It’s worth reading the rules before
you first play as it makes it an exciting game with a bit more structure. It’s very realistic, in that you can pass,
trap and shoot the ball with the clever magnetic action. For the price its very well made.

Total Action Football is for two – four players so it’s ideal for our
family size or for the boys to play with a couple of friends. So far it seems good quality and I think they will get a lot of play out of it.

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