Villa Holidays: What to Pack

have always been tempted to book a villa holiday so I could have all the perks
of the glorious sunshine and not have to deal with the masses! Not struggling to be up at the crack of dawn
to reserve a sun bed by the pool is a huge plus point for me. I also like the luxury of not having to
share. I sound very territorial don’t I, but I like my space. Having a pool just for our family means I do
not have to worry if the boys are splashing or bumping into people on their
inflatables, we can really relax together.

we pack now is different from when we used to travel minus kids (not that we
had much chance of that because we moved so fast in our relationship!). We have to think about their entertainment
needs; otherwise they get “bored” incredibly fast. In a villa you might be further away from the resort attractions
so in the evenings when you arrive home from a day sight seeing it might be
worth having some board games and books available for your children. Also perhaps packing inflatable toys for the
pool which can be deflated easily and take hardly any room in the luggage.

main thing about villa holidays is thinking about how your needs might differ
with you going self-catering; it might be worth taking some bin bags or washing
tablets (no liquids) so you have the basics when you arrive. Some places already provide these things so
it’s worth double-checking if a starter pack is included as standard. It might be worthwhile booking a welcome
pack so you have some provisions on your arrival – hungry complaining children
are no fun! Feed them a snack before
they turn into gremlins.

sure you check the situation with towels; if some are provided they might have
to stay in the villa itself so do pack some for any planned trips to the beach
or water parks.

a villa holiday you often have a washing machine so you can pack lighter and
not worry about spares if clothes get dirty! 
A quick wash and you have everything clean and ready to go again. Very handy with children especially as I
often find myself packing far too much clothes – just in case! If your baggage allowance is quite low
making use of the washing machine there might save you paying extra for your

But I do find packing stressful, Top Villas a luxury villa rental brand certainly make your life easier in that respect. When it comes to entertaining the kids, alongside the expected pool they also have well kitted out games rooms and home cinema’s, so there is plenty to keep them amused and happy on holiday. With video games and pool tables you know they have lots to keep them occupied without having to pack so much!

If you really want to be pampered you can go one further than booking a welcome pack and have your own private chef! After all we all should indulge ourselves now and then and with villa’s this impressive it makes sense to book a few extra’s to make your stay even more comfortable.

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