#WBFathersDay DVD’s

are a very welcome gift for Fathers Day, hubbie is always eager to watch a film
and Warner Bros. certainly have plenty of choice to satisfy any viewing
cravings your partner might have. Lots
of action, adventure or a bit of comedy to pick from. I love giving the gift of DVD’s because I get to benefit too, we
can snuggle up on the sofa and get lost in a good film. To be honest I do find buying gifts for the
males of the family much harder than the ladies, but a DVD bundle is something
that even I can manage! Perhaps throw
in a couple of beers and some popcorn (Joe & Seph’s being my popcorn of

have a competition over on twitter to win a bundle of DVD’s ideal for you to
gift your own dad or child’s dad this Fathers Day. Make sure your following @missingsleep to see my own competition
but also the hashtag #WBFathersDay
so you can see any other competitions currently running too!

DVD bundle includes 1x Mad Max Anthology, 1x Horrible Bosses 2,
1x Vacation, 1x Edge of Tomorrow and 1x The Man From U.N.C.L.E DVD.

Mad Max Anthology

A great compilation if
you want to revisit the first three films and have yet to catch up with the
latest one (Fury Road). Lots of action,
car chases and stunts.

Horrible Bosses 2

Nick, Dale and Kurt come
over all entrepreneurial and set up their own business to avoid having horrible
bosses again but they still end up hell bent on revenge when things don’t go
quite to plan. As sequels go its great
they have the entire original cast again and plenty of laughter is pretty much


This film follows Rusty
as a grown up attempting his own journey to Walley World with his family, fans
of National Lampoon’s Vacation will no doubt enjoy revisiting another ill-fated
road trip adventure and enjoy the cameos of Chevy Chase and Beverly
D’Angelo. Yes it can be frustrating
watching road trips that go so wrong but they can be very funny too!

Live Die
Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

One for the sci-fi fans,
this film is set in the future and has Tom Cruise battling (almost) invincible
alien invaders, think Groundhog Day but with a MUCH bigger challenge to face
(with lots more at stake!). Major Bill
Cage (Tom’s character) learns from his experiences so each repetition of the
same battle he is better prepared to stand a chance of stopping the aliens.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E DVD

excellent remake of the 1960’s original series with action and humour aplenty, Alicia Vikander adds some
eye candy too! The film has kept the
60’s feel with backdrops and music, so the older generations might enjoy the
trip down memory lane. If your dad
enjoyed his spy thrillers (I grew up watching Bond with my dad) this will be a
well-received gift!

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