4 Changes You Can Make to Your Apartment Without Penalty

If you’re living in an apartment, you’re probably very aware that you can’t make major changes or remodel your surroundings. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to make your space work more efficiently or better reflect your personality. Here are just a few apartment changes you can make without penalty.

Change the Handles on Your Cabinets

Simply changing the handles on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets can make them look brand new. New cabinet knobs and pulls are inexpensive, and applying them will take just minutes. Simply unscrew the original handles using a screwdriver or drill with a screwdriver head, put the new ones in place, screw them in, and you’re done. Just remember to keep the original handles in a safe place, because you’ll need to swap them back before you leave.

Swap Out Your Shower Head

Image via Flickr by stevendepolo

While you’re swapping out hardware, turn your attention to the shower head. Perhaps you’d prefer a low-flow unit to save money or do your part for the planet. If water in your area is contaminated with chemicals or debris, you might want a filtered unit. Or maybe you’re just looking for something more modern or attractive than the head you’re currently using. Whatever the reason, changing your shower head is easy.

You’ll need a wrench to remove the existing shower head. Then wrap the threads of the pipe with some Teflon tape and screw on the new head by hand. Remember to keep the old one and put it back before you move out.

Add Under-Bed Storage

Storage space is often limited in apartments which tend to be smaller than most free-standing homes. However, many of the ways homeowners would add storage aren’t available to apartment dwellers. You can’t construct or extend built-in closets or maybe you can’t even put up shelves. Of course you’re welcome to buy your own storage bins or free-standing storage structures, but for a more discreet option consider making your own under-bed rolling drawers. When you DIY, you can create drawers in just the right size to suit your bed’s height and your storage requirements.

Secure planks of wood together with nails and wood glue to create the sides, and affix the base in the same manner. Give your drawers a colorful coat of paint or a natural stain, depending on your taste. Add knobs or pulls to the front and four casters to the bottom using wood screws to make it easy to retrieve your drawers from under the bed.

Decorate with Soft Furnishings

Don’t underestimate the decorative possibilities of new soft furnishings in your apartment. Lay down rugs to add some personality to your rooms and make your floors feel better underfoot. Scatter cushions can also brighten up a room. If the curtains in your apartment look dated, feel free to take them down and replace them with ones that better reflect your taste. As with all apartment modifications, remember to keep the old curtains; you’ll need to swap them back when you move.

Don’t let living in an apartment dampen your enthusiasm for DIY. You’ll be surprised at the positive feel that a few simple additions can make, and there are so many that will stay within the terms of your apartment agreement.

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