Being Prepared – Back to School Supplies

Schools out for summer and we have started the seven week
stretch! But even though each day seems
long I do find the weeks pass quite quickly overall. Week one has been ticked off already, youngest battled a nasty
sick bug, which was a tough five days, followed by a bit of fun at the back end
of the week with visits to Gulliver’s World and the Cheshire Ice Cream
Farm. We like to keep busy, whether its long walks, geocaching,
metal detecting or visits to paid attractions – so I expect the weeks will soon
whiz by!

Been for an epic 5 hour walk, expect everyone to sleep well tonight 😃 #walking #summerholidays #getoutside x

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like to be organised ready for them going back as you never know quite what the
summer might throw at you, I order uniform very early to leave time for it to
arrive and I don’t want to leave it till last minute in case we are battling
yet more bugs and I am too exhausted to think straight!

when the uniform and other back to school supplies arrive you feel there is an
end in sight! As much as I love time
with my little family I do find it hard too, I work from home and its hard
juggling their entertainment needs (and stopping them throttling each other!)
and meeting all my deadlines.

feel a bit more prepared as I have their school
already thanks to Debenhams. 
We stuck with a Star Wars theme, as the boys are getting older they are
more discerning and have their own ideas what they like. As eldest will be entering year 5 (seriously
how did that happen!!!) we went for the Force Awakens messenger bag (£14), I
think that style of bag looks a bit more grown up and is a nice change from the
regular backpack he used to favour.

had the backpack with a Storm Trooper (£12), after Britain’s Got Talent dancing Storm
Troopers (Boogie Storm) he loves them more than ever!

live quite rurally so its handy being able to order online from places like
Debenhams without having to make the long journey to the city with the kids in

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