Brightening the boys bedrooms

I want to give the boys room a bit of a refresh. I have talked about getting
rid of the bunk beds
already but I have lots of other lovely plans
too. My eldest especially has quite a
big room and I don’t think we currently show it off to its strengths. Far too many empty walls for my liking, time
to fill them with something more exciting.

When we have his ceiling removed and a new one added its
going to cause chaos in there and we will have to re-decorate the whole room,
sadly he will lose his much loved Sea Life mural in the process so I am coming
up with suitable alternatives to keep him happy! I just wish we had realised the ceiling was bowing before we
decorated in the first place but you live and learn and it’s a chance to try
something new in there.

I want to get some kids wall stickers
and have been looking on tenstickers, which have such a comprehensive
choice. Wall stickers aren’t restricted
to sweet cutesy images for a nursery they have plenty for older children
too. I have been looking at the LEGO
brick ones as they are so colourful and they both love building models with
their own LEGO. They even have Star
Wars Lego, which combines two things they adore!!!

I could go one step further and get a personalised wall sticker for
them. I am sure they would like to see
their names on the wall! I quite like
the initial Super Hero Kids Sticker, fabulous for Superman fans or Superheroes
in general!

Another one I like is the Paper Planes – its great you have
so much flexibility with the colour choice, so it can fit in with whatever
theme your working with. You can even
preview before ordering to make sure it will be suitable.

Children being children they can get fed up and want a
change thankfully these wall stickers can be easily removed, so if they are suddenly
passé about LEGO then they can swap for something more fitting without damaging the walls in the process. The gamers will like the Mario ones!

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