Developing an interest in sport

My two boys are not particularly sporty; I think this is
because neither hubbie nor I follow sport with any kind of passion (although
even we did get carried away with Wales in the Euro 2016!). We have tried to develop their interest over
the years, letting them try out various classes to see if any would capture
their attention.

We started with karate, but have pretty much covered
everything else in-between, football, rugby, sailing, boxing and kayaking. Nothing lasted for very long and it’s a
shame really because I think given the chance they would become more avid
sportsmen in the future.

think a sport is a valuable activity for children to follow; it would be nice
if the school did more to encourage participation. For example I did not realise you could actually book school organised rugby tours, I think
if the boys went away with their friends even they would start to become more
passionate about sport. It’s hard not
to get carried away when your peer group are all hyped up about it too and that
would hopefully rub off on everyone else.

I just hope if I keep offering up
opportunities they will finally find the one that suits them. I try not to force them into sessions if
their interest starts to dwindle because I think its counter productive. They only start to resent the activity and
that does not help anyone. The only
exception for this has been swimming but I wanted them to master that as it’s a
life skill and helps them keep safe around water.

Sometimes as parents we are too
eager to sign them up to activities because we feel its what they should be
doing, I am a classic case of this myself! 
But often children are just not ready for that particular activity but
its not to say when they are older they might want to start. If you give them a bit of freedom they might
find their own sport, there is so much choice it’s likely there is something
out there just perfect for them.

Make sure you listen
to them, have a chat about how they got on that interest might spur them
on. Go watch matches, buy them a kit,
be involved as much as you can and just you see slowly a love of sport may well

Also bare in mind some of the reasons they might not want to do a sport, according to this BBC article competitive sport puts off schoolchildren.

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