Educating your little ones with ChuChu TV rhymes

my boys were younger I would often be teaching them nursery rhymes, renditions
of Twinkle Twinkle being a particular family favourite, but apart from a select
few our repertoire was quite limited. 
So it was great to find ChuChu TV on YouTube as a resource to use to keep things fresh
and entertaining for them. I will
certainly be recommending it to mums of younger children, who want something colourful
and engaging to give their children a learning boost at the same time.

A little taster video is included below so you have some idea
what to expect:

Research has proven that children who are familiar with more
nursery rhymes are usually the stronger readers as they progress through
school. By helping them learn rhymes
you have given them a valuable head start with their early
phonic skills (how letters sound) that will help them develop quicker to
confident readers. This is certainly
the case for my eldest who is a very capable reader; we were regularly singing,
clapping hands and doing the actions together from when he was a tiny

I do feel we would have benefited
from ChuChu TV though with youngest especially as he was more of a reluctant
learner unless something seemed very fun and captivating for him. He tends to switch off otherwise, so I
really want to introduce as many parents to ChuChu TV as possible who might
have challenging pre-schoolers like I did and are in need of a little learning
inspiration to pass the time. The developers mostly have children themselves so that helps them come up with appropriate content that younger children really love.

Rhymes additionally help with language rhythm so by listening
to rhymes you can sound more fluent in your chosen language as you know what
part of the sentence to stress – what words need more emphasis when you
speak. It’s remarkable how much a
simple repetitive rhyme can do for your child’s education. Never dismiss rhymes just find ones your
child enjoys, with 100 videos you have no shortage of choice over on ChuChu TV.

On top of the general benefits of using rhymes with your
children, ChuChu TV have also developed some videos and songs that specifically
tackle colours and numbers or those that identify the names of animals or
vehicles. The ChuChu Tv Surprise channel is a good one to subscribe to in that respect and children will love characters leaping out of colourful eggs! Much like children like watching what comes out of Kinder Eggs, it intrigues them and holds their attention.

They also educate children on
good behaviour, like the importance of sharing and telling the truth. Hopefully your child will see the positive
message behind the content and hopefully identifying with it growing into a better adult in the process.

I think its no surprise that ChuChu TV is
very well regarded by parents given what it offers, they now have almost 5
million subscribers (with me being one of them!). It’s worthwhile keeping up to date with all their news through facebook and twitter so you can see when new
content will be uploaded or different apps developed.

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