Is it time to update your heating system?

We live in an old stone house with an oil heating system that’s a little past its best! It’s still operational and for that I am grateful but it’s not shiny and super efficient, so when I saw that Calor Gas had a new “Fuel Switch Check” tool I was eager to try it out to see what it would suggest.

It’s very easy to do, just two simple questions to answer to see if you would benefit from upgrading your current system for something different. Our boiler is over 10 years old, I am not sure how old the tanker itself is but knowing how little was spent on the upkeep of this ex-commercial property I would hazard a guess at over 10 years too. We have lived here for the last two, which narrows it down slightly.

Given that both are no longer in their prime the tool was confident it could save me money if we chose Calor Gas. That certainly captured my attention, as we need to make some serious savings as our ineffective boiler is doing us no favours. We are finding the cost of heating our house difficult to manage so I am always happy to see if we can do anything to help matters. Switching to an LPG A rated boiler would save on fuel efficiency and that would be a godsend as our house is very cold and buying oil (which seems to fluctuate wildly in price) can be quite scary at times.

LPG heating is quite clever they even have automatic top-up technology so you never need to check how much fuel you have left. Perfect for me as I am so forgetful, I usually end up showering at my mums because I do not re-order the oil in time! The convenience of this would be ideal for most families, its one less thing not to have to worry about.

There are other benefits too; I would love to get rid of our oil tanker, as it takes up a fair chunk of the garden. An LPG tank can be hidden underground, which then keeps your garden looking more attractive. We worry about theft too, we have a padlock on the tanker and gates, but determined criminals I am sure can get past that quite easily (although our dog might be more of a deterrent!). Quite a few houses have been targeted in the area and oil taken, it’s no surprise if these types of threats are up 500% (BBC article). I think it’s tempting me to make the switch, as theft from an LPG tank is virtually impossible.

I like the added reassurance, the convenience and the cost savings. When we come to replace our heating system (which I know we cannot put off much longer) Calor Gas is looking a strong contender. Check out one of the cheapest LPG supplier in the UK.

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