Legoland Windsor Nexo Knights

youngest is completely hooked on the Nexo Knights game and LEGO figures, he
always wants to scan as many shields as possible to unlock all the abilities
and powers he could possibly have in his attempt to beat Jestro (and wipe the smug look of his face!). Even I quite enjoy seeing how each one
enhances the battle and makes it easier for him to take down the evil army of
monsters. The game can be quite tricky at times, so not only is it worth getting the powers make sure you upgrade them too! Jestro certainly means business and its up to you to stop him!

evening youngest even coaxed me to search everywhere possible online to get him more shields and feeling duty bound I spent hours on my challenge! But when he realised Legoland had six exclusive shields throughout the theme park he was eager to make a
return visit quick sharp to get his hands on yet more power ups like the rather fabulous Broccoli Tornado. Definitely one to encourage children to eat their greens!

I think my boy felt it was his knightly duty to head off on a
quest of fulfillment. Just make sure you have downloaded the app before your visit so you can benefit from the powers too.

So forget Knighton its all about
Windsor at the moment, you can even sit back and relax, watching the Nexo Knights in a new 4D movie
afterwards (after finding the six shields I think you deserve a rest!). The 12-minute film is
perfect for fans of these brave battling knights, the element effects are
fabulous and the whole experience very immersive transporting you straight into the
action! The LEGO Movie 4D Adventure was awesome (naturally!) but
it’s still nice to have the choice of another title when you visit!

As a family we really like how Legoland is constantly updating and the Nexo Knights theme has been very much appreciated.

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